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 on: Yesterday at 05:13:01 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by Blair

Ok, and yes I understand.
My question is how many years later, after WWI, does "old" qualify to be classed as "old"?
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 05:00:57 pm 
Started by shootniron - Last post by shootniron
WTS 200pcs of new Starline .357

I have 200pcs of new Starline .357 brass that I will ship priority for $40.

If interested, just send me a pm.


More Information

 on: Yesterday at 04:58:51 pm 
Started by T J B - Last post by Trailrider
SASS is suffering from what can be a problem for us all: violation of Moelmann's Law..."When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall!"  The problem is that when you try to hold off raising dues for ten years, and then try to recover all at once, the results can create problems all their own.  Going from $45 to $65 is going to create problems for some annual members operating on fixed or reduced incomes. That will result in some folks dropping out. It probably won't be fatal to SASS, but it won't do them any good in the growth department.

I will probably renew when the time comes, but it will be a decision when the time comes.  I have seen non-for-profit organizations that tried to do the same thing, and in the end it was badly counterproductive. But their situation was quite different. Hoping for the best...

 on: Yesterday at 04:51:05 pm 
Started by Four-Eyed Buck - Last post by pony express
New mower blades for the rider came today on the Big Brown Truck. Nobody in town had any, the mower is only 20-25 years old, don't know why they don't carry them. Mows the crab grass down better than the old ones.

Finished with grinding, welding, more grinding and welding, and finally painting the rusted out tractor rim. I'm thinking, if I had to pay someone shop rate for the time I spent on it, then a new one for $270 wouldn't be out of line.....

 on: Yesterday at 04:45:03 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by pony express
But, Blair, in this forum we're usually discussing MAS, Military Action Shooting, so many of the DA's from the turn of the century up to WW1 fit in, as well as the virtually identical models produced for years afterward.

 on: Yesterday at 04:36:08 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by Blair
I care not weather you what to discuss S&W or Colt.
Let us actually get the definition of what the term "old" is? And how it relates to CAS.
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 04:34:15 pm 
Started by jasonfb123 - Last post by mehavey

 on: Yesterday at 04:12:06 pm 
Started by Fox Creek Kid - Last post by Blair
St. George,

Yahoo!!! Go get um!
This statement, word inflection, should not be confused with St, George's description of "Yahoos".
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 03:56:50 pm 
Started by Marshal Will Wingam - Last post by Marshal Will Wingam
Cool links. Thanks for posting them. It's always fun to read up on the old makers.

 on: Yesterday at 03:46:19 pm 
Started by T J B - Last post by T J B
 Dues are now 65.00 and all the talk points to trouble ahead

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