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 on: Yesterday at 02:49:15 pm 
Started by Jed Irons - Last post by Blair

WOW. and how many bullets are included within these various prices?
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 02:46:05 pm 
Started by Short Knife Johnson - Last post by Short Knife Johnson
Yeah, I'm a bit closer on getting a bead on what it is.  I spoke to the historical department at Colt.  Was told there was no such thing as a run of revolvers made for their "centennial" post war.  In fact, there were no cap & ball guns to leave the factory from 1870 to 1976.

 on: Yesterday at 02:39:11 pm 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Blair

That sounds pretty good.

I am looking a doing cabbage here in the next few days.
Depends on how cool the weather may be.
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 02:29:05 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by Blair

No invite is needed.
Just look over the info provide. If you like what you see... join!
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 02:15:48 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by Blair

I would not worry about it.

We had no NCOWS Posies here in Florida for nearly 20 years.
We had the people, just couldn't get them all together. Not until Major 2 stepped in about two years ago.
I had retired by that time, but was still a life member of NCOWS and added my support to his efforts.
I am glad to see my long term membership in NCOWS has finally started to pay off here in FL.
All I can say is GO for it!
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 01:35:37 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by yahoody

Any other members here n WA state?

Lots of SASS stuff happening every weekend.  I suspect there is enough of us interested in the history part to have a NCOWS posse as well.

Any one?

 on: Yesterday at 01:26:30 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by yahoody
"Join up!"

Thanks for the invite, done!

 on: Yesterday at 01:21:43 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by Blair

Join up!

I've been a Life/Charter member since 1994. Number 21 in fact.

I don't remember anything about the .45 Cowboy Special.
I don't remember anything about the Conversions or Open Top revolvers being approved in a .45 caliber chamber either.
But then again, I might have only gotten one of "The Shootist" Magazines a year during this time period!

My thoughts are that if you can dis-approve a .45 cal. ammo for being non-period... then why were these two revolvers chamber in a .45 cal. allowed? This also is NON-PERIOD!
If you/we are going to make rules base on what was period or not... then let us be consistent with what is period and not period!!
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 01:01:45 pm 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Russ T Chambers
Supposed to be almost 70 today, warmer tomorrow, then we start cooling off to the low to mid 60ís.

Donít have to cook tonight as we have leftover cheesy chicken and rice casserole from yesterday, but Iíve decided on the menu for Friday:  Beer battered fish, hush puppies and French fries.

 on: Yesterday at 12:59:40 pm 
Started by Trum4n1208 - Last post by Trum4n1208
Seems I recall (with my old swiss cheese memory) that most Colt Gen II. parts will fit.

Thanks! Me and the fiancť are going to run out tonight and see it again. Maybe I can talk her into letting me get it as an early birthday/christmas/anniversary gift, but we'll see.

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