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 on: Yesterday at 03:07:06 pm 
Started by Drydock - Last post by Drydock
Ever since the French Government legalized the Lebel for civilian ownership, prices of Mle 1886s have roughly tripled!  Lots of them headed back to France.

 on: Yesterday at 03:06:55 pm 
Started by Flint - Last post by Montana Slim
Much agreement with postings above...and I'l report a few minor oddities/side notes:

I'll have to say that cleaning my non-BP guns got a whole lotta easy AFTER I started using my own cast bullets (relatively soft alloy) and my BP bullet lube. An excellent cleaning solvent has been a variation of Ed's Red formula (none of the "P" ingredients).

Regarding leading with SL - the above bullets/lube produce minimal leading, even at 1400+ in a magnum revolver.
I frequently see a small bit of lead with my BP guns (cartridge & C&B), but...I never see it in the bore or chambers, only on the cleaning patches as it comes out by the time I've run the first dry patch.


 on: Yesterday at 02:59:37 pm 
Started by murbas - Last post by Thumb Buster
Well...rats!!!  That magazine always gave me something to look forward to every quarter.  Darn!  Now what??

 on: Yesterday at 02:55:39 pm 
Started by The Goose - Last post by Montana Slim
Thanks for sharing.....Nice report & you've got a really cool piece of history there.
Glad to hear your shooting it.

I get shoot my Dad's from time to time. He supplies the gun and I supply the ammo makings.
I highly recommend the nylon cases. We continuously reloaded the same 10 cases over and over and they proved easy to use & durable, and a whole bunch less $$. For a bullet, I've been casting a .56 RB (Lee mold?). Cheap shooting, except for the musket caps. But a lot of fun to knock over steel plates.

The thin flange of the brass cases eventually fail, I didn't know the round count...but it was certainly lower than the nylon cases, which i think all are still serviceable.

The RB loads seemed more consistent in accuracy vs. the limited quantity of "correct" Burnside bullets my Dad purchased...but we didn't shoot enough groups to evaluate.

Worked well with target loads consisting of 25-35 gr. of 3F, corn meal & Crisco grease cookie (plus the round ball). Very easy and quick to assemble on the fly at the range, charging powder from a flask. We loaded a few with full cases of FF powder & RB or bullet. Swabbing between shots was needed when the full loads were used.

If I had the carbine at my full disposal, I'd definitely measure the twist of the rifling & do the math..I'd adjust the sights, too to make it easier for my son (who doesn't understand when I tell him it shoots 4" high and 4" right), I'd like to run some through the chronograph, and even shoot a few groups (while regulating sights).. Given the wild state of manufacture and array of cartridges produced during the CW, I'm betting that the bullets, velocity and twist is not optimized all the way around for many CW weapons. I believe some were horribly designed or simply mismatched to their ammunition.


 on: Yesterday at 02:23:00 pm 
Started by Tjackstephens - Last post by Montana Slim
Great news....thanks to all !


 on: Yesterday at 02:21:52 pm 
Started by Montana Slim - Last post by Montana Slim
I dropped by the buffler shoot, Bear tooth was cleaning up on a herd & Johnny McRae stopped by to skin them ol' devils out, but then declined as he was running short on time.

Myself didn't have the calling to try buffalo this go-round, but I did shoot the main cowboy match Sunday, a mini-match Friday and something called wild bunch. Get this, I used a self-loading pistol & this new less-smoke powder. This permits shooting beyond the speed of my brain, so a procedural was accessed.....but my aim appeared to be true.

We had an array of impromtu prizes & raffle on Sunday. Between all of the weekend festivities at Milan and Shady Creek & another contributing club.... thereabouts of $12,000 was collected.

Anyone wishing to join us next year or at any monthly match at the Milan or Monmouth IL clubs, be sure to get on my posse. I'd take a clipboard along & we'll keep a dual set of books  -  see how we shake out with each scoring system.


 on: Yesterday at 01:57:42 pm 
Started by Black River Smith - Last post by Black River Smith
Thanks for the comment and info.

Cholla, that was the type of info I was hoping to hear.  That is good enough for me.

 on: Yesterday at 01:45:58 pm 
Started by The Goose - Last post by The Goose
Blair, Thank you for the heads up. I went to that forum and there is a lot of info.

 on: Yesterday at 01:40:22 pm 
Started by Bunk Stagnerg - Last post by Coffinmaker
Well ....... Shucks. 

I sent you an email with a picture of the project.  Left to right are the Carrier Block Arms, first - dried and tapped, middle - a look at the bottom of the arm where the hole comes through so you can adjust it, right - assembled.  The set screw has been dressed flat and it
is all the way into the arm.  It will need to be adjusted out so the lever stays in contact all the way down.  When done, you can feel
the tiniest bit of movement in the carrier with the lever agains the lower tang.  Hope it helps.


 on: Yesterday at 01:08:31 pm 
Started by The Goose - Last post by Blair
The Goose,

As one might expect the N-SSA has been shooting these for many years with great effect at 50 and 100 yds.
You may wish to go to their web site to check out what is new.

The cartridge cases are unique. I have seen them in brass, aluminum and a wide variety of man made products like plastic.
Within the time period the cases were a disposable commodity. Not so today, especially with the drawn metal cases.
My best,

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