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 on: Yesterday at 06:19:39 pm 
Started by Boothill Bob - Last post by Ten Wolves Fiveshooter
Nice work Henrik, you customer should be very happy  Roll Eyes Shocked Cool


 on: Yesterday at 05:36:58 pm 
Started by Dusty Earl - Last post by hp246
I believe all of the dovetails are standard with the dimension referring to the height of the sight.  You may have to file the bottom of the flat on the dovetail to get it to fit.

 on: Yesterday at 05:32:28 pm 
Started by Ruff - Last post by Slamfire

 Every time a door close's,,,,,another one opens. Ya'll have my prayers.



 on: Yesterday at 05:28:24 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by El Peludo
I guess I'll stick my ugly mug in here for a cuppajoe before the month expires.  I ain't daid yet, but it's been chancy a couple of times of late; now things are not as rough, just sometimes inconvenient - I sure wish we could figure out just what's eatin' at me.  Oh, the travails of a life lived hard, and outliving most of ones peers.

Belated "Hippo-Birdy, Two Ewes", Arcey, put another candle on yer birthday cake, and go get the fire extinguisher before you light that thing.

Sorry to hear of your "Girl's" friend, Buck; that's rough.  My Condolences.

Russ T, it is good to see you joining in here more often.  Glad you seem to be enjoying being re-tired (I hope that's it), and seem to be in good shape.  You still in on the RCCSA, or has it gone by the wayside or merged with the Fernley club? Me, I have retired from CAS completely - can't walk a straight line, with or without my stick, and running or even hustling or uneven ground  is out of the question.

Just for the heads up, you all keep an eye on the classifieds; I am inventorying all of my guns and gear right now, and will be putting it up here and on the SASS Wire Classifieds sometime in the near future.  If you know anyone looking for something, I may have it; I have fifteen years of CAS collecting to get shut of.

Looks like some of you are catching some weather that whomped us here in the Desert Southwest a few days ago.  It only dumped a few inches, but the way it did it, it caused all sort of hate and discontent; washed out large parts of I-15 northeast of Las Vegas twice, a week apart, and almost completely destroyed parts of the town of Moapa.  Then, on Sunday, a bit of wet trundled through, and when the sun came up on Monday, there was snow on the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston, and the Sheep Range north of the Valley.  Today, it is one of those days we don't like to talk about because folks will think we're crowing.

That's our status, in a nutshell; still kickin' and trying to take names.  Gonna go see if I can get into some kind of trouble.


 on: Yesterday at 05:22:23 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Texas Lawdog
Burgers on the Grill for Supper tonight. The weather has cooled some, the high 80s instead of triple digits.

 on: Yesterday at 04:59:35 pm 
Started by Boothill Bob - Last post by Boothill Bob
Thanx guys. It was some time since  I  posted anything here, dont think I'm  lazy, just Facebook that took over. Easy to post there, dont have to rresize the photos..

 on: Yesterday at 04:49:30 pm 
Started by Boothill Bob - Last post by KidTerico
BB as usual outstanding  work. KT

 on: Yesterday at 04:17:30 pm 
Started by Mean Bob Mean - Last post by Mean Bob Mean
I would never trust a firearm that was in a fire.

That was my feeling, he sold it but I thought he was nuts to offer it. 

 on: Yesterday at 03:26:39 pm 
Started by Frank Morgan - Last post by ChuckBurrows
here's the rule book online

 on: Yesterday at 03:16:33 pm 
Started by mannparks - Last post by mannparks
1851 open top .38 cal.

For sale, Nib 1851 open top 38cal 5.5 bbl

Cimerron mfg.

$500 + ship to your FFL

Thanks charles

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