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 on: Yesterday at 01:43:24 pm 
Started by Coal Creek Griff - Last post by Ranger Joe
I've actually got this one on DVD, and I agree, it's not bad at all for what it is.

 on: Yesterday at 01:35:58 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Delmonico
Took this about an hour ago.   Grin  Don't see many anymore.

 on: Yesterday at 01:20:09 pm 
Started by Capt. JEB Forrest - Last post by Crow Choker
Pettifogger: As you said on the SASS Wire, this topic gets beat to death here from time to time also, but always makes good reading, not complaining. I for one, like the Pietta 'never was a issued 44 caliber 51' Navy'. My first one a Euorarms, bought back in '72, was such a beast and I liked it. It was accidently burned in a garbage fire and I missed it so much, I got another 44 51' Navy from Taylors 5-6 years ago. The non-Navy grip doesn't bother me, like it better than the standard Navy grip. I guess the 'never was gun' is actually a 60 frame Army and cylinder with big Navy framed grips, with a 51 Navy style 44 caliber barrel. The 'trombone' shape is also a non-issue with me, shoot just as well with it as the more traditional style. Have a regular 36 caliber Uberti 51 Navy, wish the grips were a bit larger. Never liked the Navy grip on the 73' Colt or its clones either. I prefer the Army grip, more to wrap my paw around. Guess that's why I like the 60 Army, conversion, and Dragoon grips, I do prefer the 44 caliber hoglegs over the 36's. I don't have real large hands either, medium-large chunky ones. Prefer my early Ruger 45 Vaquero grips also to my later model Vaquero. In fact, its in the plans to replace the later 357 Vaquero grips to something a little more beefy. Anyway, love shooting percussion revolvers and the 60 conversions and OpenTop. Good day to all!

 on: Yesterday at 12:45:06 pm 
Started by Daniel Dodge - Last post by Daniel Dodge

I had a friend of mine send me this message and I thought this would be a good place to ask. Anyone have any input?

I'm looking for load data for .41 magnum using cast lead plain base Wad cutter molds.  One is 160WC and one is 206gr WC.  Looking for a respectful accurate load for 25yd and less.


 on: Yesterday at 12:43:34 pm 
Started by Crow Choker - Last post by Fox Creek Kid
I haven't called him in a few years so I left him a message on his old phone.  Huh 

 on: Yesterday at 12:32:07 pm 
Started by Cole Bluesteele - Last post by Johnson Barr
So, you're saying the 'Mud Wrestling' and 'Synchronized Swimming' side matches are off? Jeeez; and I just got the mud outa my snorkel!

 on: Yesterday at 12:30:02 pm 
Started by Capt. JEB Forrest - Last post by Blair
I have more than a little trouble understand the debate for the shape of a grip on an 1851 Colt Navy "want-to-be" chambered in .44 with rebate cylinder and frame.
That feature is more incorrect than the trumpet/trombone flare to the grip. And a great deal more noticeable.
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 11:33:58 am 
Started by Capt. JEB Forrest - Last post by Coffinmaker
Trombone  Roll Eyes Grin

 on: Yesterday at 11:17:10 am 
Started by griswold - Last post by griswold
For five days, starting tomorrow, wed. 2/10/2016, the ebook version of this western will be FREE to download to any device that can download a Amazon ebook app.........including ones computer.

By Paul Johnson for Readers’ Favorite
In 1877, things in the West are still wild. Emmitt McGowan, range detective, is working for The North West Cattle Coalition. While traveling to Austin, Texas, for a meeting with the Governor on behalf of his employer, he is bushwhacked, a clear case of mistaken identity. He takes the body back to Round Rock Texas and within days he and his partner, Ben Maxwell, are reluctantly drafted by the association of ranchers located around Round Rock in an attempt to stop a shady local ranch owner suspected of stealing their cattle. Emmitt and Ben are quickly caught up in a tangled web of cattle rustling and murder. There’s a range war looming in the near future if they do not find and stop the rustling. Emmitt requests the help of the Texas Rangers to solve the case, and in doing so, desperately hopes to protect the woman he loves, his partner and himself from the bad men out to do them harm…

I found They Rode From Round Rock by Michael Loyd Story to be a very well written and entertaining tale. The cast of characters is thoroughly defined and the dialogue is right for the period. There is danger, suspense, intrigue and a little romance thrown together in an interesting period story as well. The author has included a lot of detail and I found from time to time the volume of this detail and side story slowed the plot a little. However, the action and suspense more than compensated for this and I really enjoyed reading it. Overall, well done.

I give it Five Stars    

Other reviews:

By D. Munro:

A lot of historical content mixed with great characters equals a very enjoyable read. Story has done a great job describing in detail the topography. It reminds me of L'Mour's way of making word pictures and putting you right in the scene. It was difficult to put the book down, but I had to sleep!  I liked this book for the unusual characters and how they inter-acted with the Texas Rangers and how the author mixed actual, historical figures into the story line. Bring on some more like this one! D Munro

By Brian Jefferies: A Good Read
Very good historical novel. Mr. Story is well informed on his Texas history and antique firearms and from one Vietnam serving Marine to another, Semper Fi.

By Maggie:
This was an enjoyable book from a historical aspect and also the history and geography of the locale, namely the environs of the Colorado River Canyon prior to the advent of the Highland Lakes in the 20th century.

 on: Yesterday at 11:05:40 am 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by Silent Joe
Welcome in Cas City, Pards. Look around, say "Howdy", sit by the fire and tell us your story.  Cheesy

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