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 on: Today at 08:33:55 am 
Started by Bruce W Sims - Last post by Pitspitr
Most of us look fairly clean at the beginning of the weekend, but by the end of the weekend there are usually some new patches (right Doug?) and lots of new or bigger sweat stains.  Roll Eyes

Seriously though, you're right most reinactors' uniforms do look too clean and too new. I wash mine when they get dirty and patch them when they wear through. They look new and clean when they are new but the longer I have them the more wore in they look.

 on: Today at 08:33:47 am 
Started by Dusty Earl - Last post by Dusty Earl
Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada.

 on: Today at 08:04:30 am 
Started by Bruce W Sims - Last post by Bruce W Sims
Great suggestions..... thanks for everything. I'll follow-up on those resources.

The two things that I want to avoid are the garrish colors and loud embroidery that seem so common
in many of the pictures. I know that modern dyes and textiles tend to be far more loud or striking
in their visual impact while the 19th Century clothing tended to be a bit more muted. In like manner the pictures of the
Civilian Scouts replete with 6" fringe, and heavy embroidery just does not look like what a working stiff
would have worn out on a mission or campaign. When I compare the Civilian Scout to his Native American counterpart
the difference is telling. For instance, in most of the group shots of the N/A Scout units I don't see a lot
of beads and baubles though for studio shots there is certainly a lot more.

Another thing that I have noticed in many of the modern re-enactors is how fresh and clean everybody looks,,,, like they just stepped out of a display case at one of those "sutler" websites. Seems to me that if a guy was on the frontier and wearing the
same clothes day after day and maybe boiling his uniforms once a month to kill the flea and tick eggs, the uniforms would
have looked a lot more care-worn as in the case, say, of the Apache Scout photo-s. Are there any re-enactor groups who go in for this sort of realism? Am I going over the top?  Thoughts?

Best Wishes,


 on: Today at 07:44:35 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Major 2
I'mm bac- ak...from LV

so Chilli is the subject ....  Si to no beans ( though I do eat it with them anyway)  and Chilli con Hotdog is on my like list too...

I recall the grammar school fish-sticks TLD is speaking of,  and he's right ...yuck !

Thanks for the coffee... I'm in the shop today but cutting out early to go get my new 1911 @ the FFL ... gonna give WB a try.


 on: Today at 07:17:19 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by litl rooster
The folks in Cincinatti like Chili on their Spagetti.

You ever meet them folks is Cinci? You'd understand

Cool here again this morning. Took a hike up on Lookout Mountain yesterday. I am paying for it today.  Got a doctors appointment at 11 in B'ham

Time for coffee and a biscuit let dogs run

 on: Today at 07:15:17 am 
Started by jphendren - Last post by rifle
I'd invest in a Big Lube bullet mould and save those bullets with the small lube grooves fer smokeless powder.

If not learn to make lube pills/grease cookies. Lay them on the powder under the bullet. Make them uniform thickness by pouring the lube recipie on really hot water in a rectangular pan. The wax/lube floats and finds it's own level. Let it harden on the water then knife it around the edge to loosen and take it out of the pan. Nice sheet of uniform thickness wax/lube to punch the pills from.
Get brass tube from the hardware store. The short piece the right size to punch 45 cal. with is soldered in a longer piece the next size up(fits perfect inside the next bigger size). Solder the smaller 45 cal. size about 3/4th's inch long inside the next bigger size brass tube.
That makes a nice lube pill punch since the wax/lube pills punched 45 cal leave the short piece of tube and enter the larger size tube and don't stick hard to it.  The longer piece of tube about six inches is easy to hold on to and the pills come out the top of it. Make sure no solder is left inside the tubes since it can impede the pills progress towards the top of the tube punch.

Might try Caster Oil in place of the olive oil since you shoot in such a dry environment. Actually add a lil water to the recipie since caster oil can absorb water.

The beeswax/paraffin wax/mutton tallow would work too ifin the ratio of the mutton tallow in the mix is raised. Equal amounts of the two waxes with the mutton tallow lube works in humid places but uppin the mutton tallow in dry places helps.
If usin a lube sizer to size and lube a nice recipie is.....35% bees wax,20% caster wax, 45% caster oil and 10% pure raw linseed oil. Add a lil water to the mix and stir well when hot.  That has been tried and found good to go in Black Powder Cartridge Rifle ammo used in the long barrels.

Taking the 35% bees wax and cuttin it with some soy wax can help since bees wax isn't a good lube and is just an ingredient to suspend the lube in but soy wax seems to have some lubrication qualities of it's own.

Cleaning the gun barrel of any oil prior to shooting helps too.Wipe the oil out then really get it out with some alcohol so no residue of oil is left. Then squwish some lube wax into  a patch and work that in the barrel and chambers before gettin to shootin.

Sticky lube/wax is what yer lookin fer. A lube wax that leaves a thin film because it's sticky. Don't rule out "Castile soap", in the recipie or ignor the "toilet bowl installation wax ring" wax. That toilet installation wax ring stuff IS STICKY.

There's an Hombre that uses toilet bowl installation wax in place of bees wax with some paraffin wax and simple ole olive oil and shoots in the high desert  in California and does well with that makin lube pills fer cap&baller revolver.

Using a lil graphite in the lube can help. Graphite is used in lubricants. Try a lil of the graphite in yer lube to keep stuff from sticking to yer barrel.

A person can make thier own humidity by spraying the inside of the barrel now and then with plain ole water.

Hope this helps.

 on: Today at 06:57:15 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Morning y'all.
Thanks fer the coffee.

Bravo Del,Bravo, as Tensleep always told me, "Beans are a side dish"
On another note, it seems I had my best shoot of the year last Sunday.Not only did I shoot it clean,But I came in 3rd overall and 1st in category had a total of about 50 shooters.

'Tis 24 and clear. High of 55.


 on: Today at 06:42:41 am 
Started by Harley Starr - Last post by dwight55
Skeeter Lewis said "A lot of horse tack was ranger-style, to prevent chafing by the buckle. In the saddle, ranger style is more comfortable too. The buckle doesn't dig into your gut so much."

Thanks for the chuckle, Skeeter, . . . one of my favorite pictures is a Civil War group of scouts in civvies, . . . we have always laughed at how well they dressed, . . . and the fact that there was not one fat boy among them.

I think part of the reason also that the buckle didn't dig into their guts as much, . . . was the simple fact that they just didn't have the belt line protrusions that are so common to today's folks.

Not saying it is gospel, . . . but a for sure observation.

May God bless,

 on: Today at 06:20:46 am 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Pitspitr
will Windy City Joe be there? Sounds like he might have.

 on: Today at 06:15:28 am 
Started by yahoody - Last post by what would you say
Whatcha got there, Yahoody!!
Looks like a dandy if ever there was one.  I believe those grips are what we would call "standard"  Smiley
I got one or two fancies, but nothing that eye catching.

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