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 on: Yesterday at 02:38:31 pm 
Started by rbertalotto - Last post by Navy Six
That was a lot more enjoyable(not to mention memorable) than the usual stuff I hear on the radio! Grin

 on: Yesterday at 01:56:16 pm 
Started by Cash Creek - Last post by bushwhacker
Happy birthday Books.

 on: Yesterday at 01:26:37 pm 
Started by charleston pride - Last post by Blair
Driftwood Johnson,

That is a very good reply. Thank you.

My large frame MH has no caliber markings on it. My understanding is that those revolvers set up for the .44 MH do not have these.

I have used .41 Mag brass to make up rounds for a .44 S&W American revolver. They worked well in the Smith but not so well in my .44 MH. They did not extract very well in the MH. The rim diameter of the .41 cases was just a little too small.
The Smith (star) extraction system worked better due to the fact that the star lifted the cases out because it wrapped around about 1/3rd. of the diameter of the rim.
Modifications to a .44 S&W American cartridge case maybe a better option, if those are available?
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 01:05:12 pm 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Doug.38PR
So the short answer is: go spend the extra $10 and get 2g or ffg.

How does American Pioneer compare to real black powder and modern smokeless powder in terms of velocity and pressure?   I know it's safe to use in ball and cap guns as well as cartridge guns and it generates smoke like black powder

 on: Yesterday at 12:57:52 pm 
Started by Cash Creek - Last post by Cash Creek
Happy Birthday Books  Grin

 on: Yesterday at 11:22:55 am 
Started by bear tooth billy - Last post by Fox Creek Kid
I have an original 86 in 38-56 and use a BACO mold that comes out at .3795 I shoot it unsized and do not have any problem getting 2" groups at 200 yds. If you would like I will check the mold # and the load I use and post it later. wM1
PS I think the bore on mine is .381

2" at 200 yds. using BP in a lever action with iron sights?  Undecided

 on: Yesterday at 11:10:10 am 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by Silent Joe
Welcome in Cas City, Pards. Look around, say "Howdy", come in in the saloon and tell your story by a drink.  Cheesy

 on: Yesterday at 11:03:03 am 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by Silent Joe
Happy Birthday, Pard. I wish you a nice day with fine presents.  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 11:00:36 am 
Started by charleston pride - Last post by charleston pride
I really appreciate the detailed response.
the gun has no markings, except on the barrel with patent information.
i did notice that the 5 bullets i have are all slightly different.
the only other markings are 440 16 on the inside. which is not the serial number of 5322
thats it.
your gun looks really nice refinished.
maybe i should do the same?
i did find some .41 rounds that i could fire.

 on: Yesterday at 11:00:31 am 
Started by The Deadwood Gunslinger - Last post by Silent Joe
Welcome in Town, Pard. Look around and enjoy your time in here.  Cheesy

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