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 on: Yesterday at 08:20:30 am 
Started by Fox Creek Kid - Last post by Major 2
Hollywood pretty-boys dressing up and playing cowboy will never appeal to me.  Classic westerns are far more authentic because the actors were men before they became actors.  There will never be another Eastwood, Bronson, Wayne, Van Cleef and so many others who were able to sell the movie because they weren't having to pretend to play the role.

well, I say  Sam Elliot & Beau Bridges * , have held their own 

* I offer , Wild Bill  & Rooster in defense of Beau...Sam needs no defending     

 on: Yesterday at 08:12:01 am 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Buffalo Creek Law Dog
The question is, did Billy Dixon actually hit an Indian that he was aiming at at that great distance or, was he shooting at a group of Indians and happened to hit one.  I lean to the latter.

 on: Yesterday at 08:04:19 am 
Started by LTCol Long - Last post by LTCol Long
Yes indeed, General!!  Looking at 28,29 & 30 July.  Still coordinating with the club, but the club does not mind having extra money come in.  Will post more when I have everything in place!!

          Msgt Long

 on: Yesterday at 07:29:29 am 
Started by BobinIL - Last post by Major 2
I had a Stoeger about 16 years ago , Brazilian mystery wood (stained) , needed some polishing , never dicked with the Spring
but did de bur ...sold it for what I paid for it so all in all good juju.

Didn't own but did smooth out a Baikel MP220 for my pard about a year ago....
Heavier than a Stoegar about in line is craftsmanship, Russian  beech wood (stained)
stiff " strong like bull " needed some polishing , somehow feels more robust  , overall than the Stoeger I remember.

Both utilitarian, and plain as Jane ... the Ivan is just that plain  , but Stoeger does put lipstick on ( upgrade in wood and finishes )
So with Ivan you get a $300 +or - gun for $300 + or - depending on the retailer.

Stoeger you pay upwards for the lipstick .... which does add to the allusion   

Both work well enough to layout the knockdowns @ cowboy distance

That said, I won't get into,  oz of lead , or  recoil ,  2O gauge VS 12 gauge...wasn't  asked

I note:  spring kits are now offered for both  see  Palo Verde

 on: Yesterday at 06:20:17 am 
Started by Blackpowder Burn - Last post by reloader4410
Would love to have one of those yank pepper box but no funds. HAPPY TRAILS.

 on: Yesterday at 05:31:09 am 
Started by BobinIL - Last post by wildman1
Never Mind.

+10  Tongue Roll Eyes

 on: Yesterday at 04:37:58 am 
Started by nativeshooter - Last post by Major 2
The one nativeshooter linked to say's The barrel is 19-3/10 overall.

But the photo I found on the Web does look the full 24" and has a sling swivel....

Like Coffin maker , and another I know , have more then one Henry ...similar to potato chips you can have just 1

 on: Yesterday at 01:41:06 am 
Started by WesternFederal - Last post by WesternFederal
So Don,
It would have been nice if you'd joined us and got to know us and given us a chance to get to know you before you tried selling us your stuff.


I don't own that company fellows. I just noticed that he made quality M1872 caps and thought that ya'll might be interested. Cry

 on: Yesterday at 01:37:47 am 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by nativeshooter
I know this is an old forum, but if you read "Black Elk Speaks";  He and a cousin of is used "six shooters" and shotguns. so they could've been old percussion cap ones, later he said when he was in canada. both him and his dad had repeaters.

 on: December 02, 2016, 10:45:55 pm 
Started by MontanaBighorn - Last post by Doug.38PR
Marty McFly used the stove door in Back to the Future 3 after watching Clint Eastwood doing it in Fistful of Dollars:

Correct.  Clint Eastwood didn't use a stove door, he cut out some piece of metal or iron with a metal saw in an old mining shaft

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