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 on: Yesterday at 09:33:07 pm 
Started by King Medallion - Last post by Will Ketchum
Depends on what powder your using Mike Daley of Hogdon's strongly preaches against fillers of any sort.  I have used Dacron in the past as well as toilet paper but stopped after talking with Mike.

Will Ketchum

 on: Yesterday at 09:16:07 pm 
Started by Will Lynchem - Last post by Will Lynchem
Well, it seems that the older I get, the farther back in time I want to go! Went from modern high power sniper rifles to cowboy action shooting about a year ago and now have jumped into the muzzle loading era. I just acquired a nice Hawkens 50 cal and though I have watched a lot of black powder shoots, I really have a lot to learn about shooting muzzleloaders. Lets start with the most obvious question. What are you folks using for powder charges?  It is really hard to find the almighty black out here but I did pick up a couple of bottles of Pyrodex RS at the gun show today. Anyone using this with a 50 cal? If so what seems to work best for you? As I go along, I will most likely have many more questions, but lets start with this. Thanks in advance,  W.L.    Cool

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:21 pm 
Started by medic15al - Last post by medic15al
  Embarrassed No I didn't even think of that.... Embarrassed

Good idea tho, will call Monday.

 on: Yesterday at 08:56:33 pm 
Started by King Medallion - Last post by Sir Charles deMouton-Black
I have used separate fireforming loads, but only when I need to blow out a tapered neck, like .30-30 to .38-55 or .30-40 Krag to .375 Flanged Nitro Express.  If the purpose is to effect a fairly minor change, why waste the primers, powder and time spent stuffing wadding over the powder?

I load for my Brno 304 7 x57R combination gun. I have RWS cases for full bore loads, but like to have cast bullet small game loads in my pocket. For these I use .303 Brit cases. I run them through a 7 X57 die to bring the neck to size and load them. They are a bit skinny for the first shot but blow out considerably upon firing. The next reload is with a fully formed case. Either way, the results are exactly the same.

 on: Yesterday at 08:40:17 pm 
Started by amin ledbetter - Last post by Chev. William
Congratulations on the Stevens Model 12 find.
Did you find any Caliber markings on the Barrel?
Is it set up for Center Fire cartridges?

Best Regards,
Chev. William

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:08 pm 
Started by medic15al - Last post by Coffinmaker
Ah, have you considered calling Cimarron??  We can speculate all day but Cimarron can actually answer the question.


 on: Yesterday at 08:32:52 pm 
Started by PvtGreg - Last post by PvtGreg
Hi All,

Well after looking for a year I found a 44-40 Spencer rifle.

A couple of interesting things.

1) The fit and finish is MUCH MUCH improved as compared to my 56-50. 
2) I bought some commercial 44-40s and they feed ok - which considering the issues I had with the 56-50 is nice.  Same for my 44-40 blanks I use in my Henry.
3) The fore stock is the same length as the originals within about 1/4".  Two Flints I think they must have paid attention to you on this at least.
4) The same for the barrel bands
5) It has the same screw going loose in the upper block transfer plate issue my 56-50 .  Blue loctite here I come.
6) Theres a simple drop safety on the action

I'll be heading to the range on Tuesday and I'll let you know how it shoots with stock ammo.


 on: Yesterday at 08:28:14 pm 
Started by King Medallion - Last post by King Medallion
OK, so Larry likes Kapot, others have mentioned puff-lon, I'm sure there are others. Where do you guys get this stuff? I have a JoAnne Fabric here in town, can I get it there? Or is a wad of toilet paper good nuff? I've been reloading for 35 plus years but never had the  need for fillers.

 on: Yesterday at 08:27:44 pm 
Started by Arcey - Last post by Texas Lawdog
I just found out that the Skins defeated the hated Eagles today. I have been watching Texas HS football championship game from JerryWorld. I wonder how much Jerry charges the UIL for hosting the games. Fox SW is televising it.

 on: Yesterday at 08:22:03 pm 
Started by El Peludo - Last post by Texas Lawdog
I am glad the eagle stalking is going okay. I have a big pot of vegetable beef soup on the stove and some japaleno cornbread in the oven, with plenty of iced tea to wash everything down.

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