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 on: Yesterday at 01:58:57 pm 
Started by PJ Hardtack - Last post by PJ Hardtack
I will never own a BPCR in a chambering longer than 2-1/10" and I refuse to pay for Swiss Powder. I really enjoy being present when someone is shooting his 45-120, pretending that he's having fun.
Funny how they quit after a short string of shots while I'm busy putting 40-50 rds downrange with my 45-70 in the course of a morning or afternoon.

Got that covered. Three of my 6 Shiloh rifles have the [OLD RELIABLE] logo on them. And I don't "crow" about my rifles. I just appreciate them and am grateful that I have them.

 on: Yesterday at 01:58:13 pm 
Started by Captain Rob Page - Last post by Captain Rob Page
Grips for Smith and Wesson Model 1 and 1/2

I am looking for some original or nice reproduction grips for a Smith and Wesson model 1 and 1/2 32 S&W thanks

More Information

 on: Yesterday at 01:57:08 pm 
Started by Coal Creek Griff - Last post by Major 2
Money well spent.

Scouts Out!

well said.... and there is another indorsment you can count on..... Smiley

Now .... in our defence , Coffin , Abilene, Larson & myself wouldn't have known you were tempted, vulnerable or even looking
had you not  first mentioned it....  Wink

 I mean.... we ourselfes are gunaholics .... we also become bumfuzzled, when prudence was perhaps a better laid course  Undecided

A years from now we should revist this thread , then the pinch in the wallet will be long forgotten and the Gun a sweet acquisition.

welcome then to Storm..... again  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 01:21:59 pm 
Started by Coal Creek Griff - Last post by St. George
Money well spent.

Scouts Out!

 on: Yesterday at 12:58:53 pm 
Started by matt45 - Last post by Books OToole
Yeah, why has this not been on one of the stages at a KVC match???   

It could be:  for about $5 a shot.

I would also consider a trade for more man portable ordinance.


 on: Yesterday at 12:54:32 pm 
Started by Coal Creek Griff - Last post by Coal Creek Griff
Even with the assurances, it's a bit of a calculated gamble buying a used gun sight-unseen, but I've had excellent results in the past and this one seemed fairly safe.  As I've mentioned, I actually have the money on hand, although I had to borrow from one area of our home budget to cover this one for a few weeks.  Now if Major 2 and Coffinmaker will just leave me alone for a while and stop tempting me, I can let my gun fund build back up again.  I really would like an original 1895 Winchester, but I can't keep spending all my money every time I get $500...  Wink

CC Griff

 on: Yesterday at 12:04:38 pm 
Started by matt45 - Last post by Mogorilla
Yeah, why has this not been on one of the stages at a KVC match???   

 on: Yesterday at 11:25:04 am 
Started by matt45 - Last post by Books OToole
I have all loading implements, dummy rounds (canister, spherical case & shell), two limber boxes and the shafts for one horse maneuvering.

It was on the cover of The Shootist fall or winter 05ish.


 on: Yesterday at 11:21:05 am 
Started by matt45 - Last post by Books OToole
I'm a low tech guy.  I will see if I can figure out some pics when I get home.


 on: Yesterday at 10:59:46 am 
Started by MontanaBighorn - Last post by MontanaBighorn

I'm watching the original The Magnificent Seven (1960) when at the 1:15:04 mark, character "Britt" (James Coburn) flips over a table made from old boards that are maybe 3/4" thick to utilize as cover. 

I realize this is just a Hollywood movie but in nearly every western movie or show from A Fistful of Dollars to Gunsmoke you see something similar where old wooden tables/doors/etc. are utilized effectively as cover.  While the .45 LC, .44-40 and others aren't magnum loads, they still pack a pretty dang heavy wallop and would easily penetrate such thin wood.  I know these aren't intended to be documentaries, but how can they get it so consistently wrong?

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