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 on: Yesterday at 09:39:11 pm 
Started by Blackpowder Burn - Last post by Blackpowder Burn
I also have a friend with one of those - what are the odds?  Loading him some ammo for it is what resulted in me being set up to load the 50-70.  The problem with his is that his rifle's bore wasn't relined during the conversion and is HUGE!  I'd have to get a hollow base mold to cast bullets that stood a chance of working, and he didn't want to spend the money for that.  I may still do it myself one day just to see if I can get it to shoot something more resembling rifle groups than shotgun patterns!

At any rate, there is definitely something special about the old Sharps.  My gun surgeon has an original in 95+% condition, and it is a beauty to behold.

 on: Yesterday at 08:32:49 pm 
Started by Cemetery - Last post by Tascosa Joe
I shoot L.C. Smith.

 on: Yesterday at 06:48:13 pm 
Started by OD#3 - Last post by Yuma Kid
Sad to say, I don't think NCOWS is a large enough group to influence Winchester to go to the trouble of re-engineering their '73' rifle.  Same thing when Smith & Wesson re-introduced their Schofield revolvers with a transfer bar safety system.

 on: Yesterday at 06:43:46 pm 
Started by Mossyrock - Last post by Mossyrock
Interesting.....  I have three different sets of Uberti SAA grips on hand, and none of them fit.  But, they have all been fit to other guns.

 on: Yesterday at 06:37:01 pm 
Started by Coffinmaker - Last post by Abilene
I don't see them.  I don't know if it is my browser (Opera) or the McAfee software that is blocking them.

 on: Yesterday at 06:35:00 pm 
Started by Cemetery - Last post by Abilene
My first shotgun was a Baikal, double trigger (IZH-43).  Shot it for about a year then had Coyote Cap do an action job.  About a thousand smokeless and 2K BP through it with no problems.  BP recoil (about 60gr FFg) is no biggie.  It only comes out to play occasionally since I mostly shoot my TTN.

 on: Yesterday at 06:21:13 pm 
Started by Coffinmaker - Last post by texagun
Install and enable AdBlock Plus if you are using Firefox.  Problem fixed.

 on: Yesterday at 06:05:06 pm 
Started by Two Bit Charlie - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Silver  Creek, it's good to hear from you. Doc Bonecutter, Polish Pistolero  (calls himself Polish Capone) and myself would like to get something going. We can use the new cowboy range at Ripon,  as they have a great range and all the targets or we could go anywhere else that would like to have us. I'll keep you in the loop as things progress.

Two-Bit Charlie
Machine Gun Charlie


 on: Yesterday at 06:03:37 pm 
Started by Blackpowder Burn - Last post by PJ Hardtack
Absolutely NOTHING has the cachet of an old Sharps! They really make you wish they could talk. I know someone with an original conversion to a cartridge 45(?) and it still has the original percussion priming mechanism.

Haven't talked to him in years. I should see if he's willing to part with it ....

 on: Yesterday at 05:55:32 pm 
Started by Coffinmaker - Last post by Major 2
yep ....but like ads in magazines, and those dam able little subscription flyers that falls out on the floor  Roll Eyes

necessary evil   to pay the bills I suppose ....

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