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 on: Yesterday at 05:18:08 pm 
Started by Stophel - Last post by Colt Fanning
The reason that I posed the question is that I own a MH pocket army which has been refinished with case hardening on the frame.  I was wondering if any of the originals were case hardened.  I have only seen them in Nickle or Blue.

 on: Yesterday at 05:14:08 pm 
Started by Hoof Hearted - Last post by sfc rick
Eye candy....

 on: Yesterday at 05:09:39 pm 
Started by Logan - Last post by Logan
Just received my new Cimarron 1878 double hammer with 26" barrel.  (waited about 6 months for it) I've not worked much with shotguns and wanted to know what work should I ask for when I take it to our local gunsmith.  I can do a lot of the polishing of parts but am not sure where they all are yet.  The rebound hammers are set fairly far from the nipples so I was going to move them closer in.

In addition to shooting it in matches I would like to use it for hunting so I will probably keep two sets of springs for it. 

Recommendations would be appreciated.

 on: Yesterday at 04:24:19 pm 
Started by Stophel - Last post by St. George
The photobucket images are drawings...

They were merely meant to illustrate to potential investors the project and to generate belief that progress was being made in order to lure investment capital.

They failed and no revolvers or spares were produced.

Now as to spares for the Merwin, Hulbert revolver - be it large frame or small - spares reside inside revolvers owned by others, who are quite proud of them, as a general rule.

You 'might' find something sitting in a cigar box at a gun show, somewhere - but you're not going to be able to order anything from a supplier of parts.

Art Phelps (now deceased) wrote a most interesting book on the Merwin, Hulbert revolvers - I would seriously suggest locating a copy and reading it - then reading it again.

Scouts Out!

 on: Yesterday at 04:18:51 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Major 2
I get this vision... LIT,  of > Forest, Forest Gump !  Smiley

had salad for lunch..think'n'  fajata de pollo para la cena.....

Eso es para que usted pueda ayudarle con su español   Wink

 on: Yesterday at 04:17:04 pm 
Started by Gabriel Law - Last post by Blair

That is what I am suggesting.
I wont say they can't be fitted, just that they may not be interchangeable as much as the Mk III Snider.
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 04:01:13 pm 
Started by Brazos Jack - Last post by Brazos Jack
Cowboy Action Patterns

Howdy Folks,
For Sale – The Cowboy Action Shooter Collection.
This is a CD with seven pattern sets with detailed instructions for items used by Cowboy Action Shooters in competitions. The disc contains patterns for:

The Cheyenne Mexican Loop Holster:
Includes Four Pattern Sizes to accommodate the various sizes of single action pistols with 5 ½” to 7 ½” barrel lengths.

The Ranger and Plains Style Gun Belts:
Includes a Size Chart and Bullet Loop Patterns for .45, .38, and .357 Calibers.

The Combination Cartridge and Shotgun Shell Belt:
Includes Patterns for 12, 16, and 20 Gauge Shotgun Shell Loops as well as .45, .41, .38, and .357 Caliber Bullet Loops. Size Chart also included.

The Shotgun Shell Slide:
Includes Patterns for 12, 16, and 20 Gauge Shotgun Shell Loops for 4, 6, and 8 Rounds.

The Cartridge Slide:
Includes Bullet Loop Patterns for .45, .41, .38/.357, and .32 Calibers for 3, 5, 10, and 12 Rounds.

Stage Slide:
Includes patterns for two different Two Sided Slides with instructions to make Bullet Loop Patterns for any Caliber.

and Brazos Jack’s Cartridge Box.

The compact disc is offered at a bargain price of $50.00 with Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA.  All patterns are on 11 x 17 Tabloid Sheets with the Instructions on Letter Size Sheets. The packet includes Printing Instructions for the Tabloid Sheets.
I have only 30 of these Discs available so orders will be taken on a first come – first serve basis.
 Send an email to to place your order. State that you wish to order Disc 500-01 and a mailing address to receive your order.
 A reply will be sent to confirm your order along with a mailing address to a send check or money order. I do not yet have a Pay Pal account.
Once your check or money order is received, your disc will be promptly shipped to the address you provide via Priority Mail.

Thank you all,

Jim R. Simmons
Etowah River Productions

More Information

 on: Yesterday at 03:59:58 pm 
Started by Gabriel Law - Last post by RattlesnakeJack
Blair:   We aren't talking lock or action parts here ....

Gabriel is fully aware that hand fitting will almost certainly be necessary in this restoration, regardless of what parts he may acquire.   Are you suggesting that there are such significant differences between the Enfield and Birmingham rifles that a forward barrel band and nosecap can't be fitted .... especially when the forestock from the rear band forward must be replaced in the restoration process? 

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:58 pm 
Started by Gabriel Law - Last post by Blair

No, I don't wish to do that.
But, he needs to know that there are variations between the P-56 and the P- 60/1 short rifle.
Barrel diameter between the two is no small matter either.
There are also differences between those arms made a RSAF and those produced at Birmingham "BAST".

Gabriel's gun is of the late RSAF pattern and will not interchange with the BAST variation.
You all do what you want.
My best,

 on: Yesterday at 03:43:35 pm 
Started by Camano Ridge - Last post by Brazos Jack
Dang it, my ears is ringin'! Hi fellers, been a while.

After Hide Crafters went south for the winter Silver Creek Leather picked up the patterns, some of them anyway. He's not interested in all that I have and I have a boat load of holster and other patterns sitting on the shelf. So, that's why (with a little encouragement from my friends) I put out the first of what I hope to be several discs. This allows Makers to print right from the disc and if in the event the template wears out or gets coffee spilled on it, you have another one. I have posted it on the Leather Classifieds under Misc.

Major, are you telling my Tabasco Kid has left us? I am truly sorry to hear that. We'll all miss him.


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