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 on: Today at 06:36:02 am 
Started by litl rooster - Last post by Delmonico
Don't seem to be, but may it's cause they let their p*****s do their thinking. Grin

 on: Today at 06:09:04 am 
Started by litl rooster - Last post by pony express
I guess flying ants aren't as easily intimidated as shoplifters?

 on: Today at 05:19:49 am 
Started by treebeard - Last post by Cliff Fendley
Redman is one of the more reputable and excellent work.
Cost is $325. on your stripped gun.

New barrel  is
plus you need to pull yours and get the now one screwed on.

I have the same issue with my 26" set trigger gun.  It looks great but is shot out.  I'd like to shoot it.   Can't decide if I should reline it or just get a new barrel.  Or may be better yet just sell itRoll Eyes    So I haven't done anything with it.   

Every time all that stresses me out.....I just pull out the Cimarron and go shooting.  Problem solved. 

I know any changes affect the value of an original but I would love mine to shoot better. It's actually got plenty of rifling showing but a dark bore and fouls easily. I haven't tried smokeless powder...gasp Shocked Seems like a heathen thing to do in an original 73 but I know people do it.

 on: Today at 03:56:15 am 
Started by will52100 - Last post by Bibbyman
I have traided into a big stash of brass hulls and were using them in my old doubles.  But I find the sharp edge of the mouth make it difficult to hit the chambers with any speed or certainty.   So I've started using plastic hulls,  AA, or STS, cut and roll crimped.   The roll crimper puts not only a nice radii, but also a slight taper.  I just toss the burnt hulls at the unloading table. I can usually pick up enough new hulls from the trash bucket to about keep up with loss.

 on: Today at 01:00:38 am 
Started by litl rooster - Last post by Delmonico
Home, got invaded by flying ants about dark, were thousands for a couple hours.  A few people asked me what they were. Told them flying ants, then a few of those asked me what they were doing.  Told them they were having an orgy.  One kid asked me what I was gonna do about it.  Told him I asked them to leave but they wouldn't.

Geez maybe I should have called 911.   Roll Eyes

 on: Today at 12:53:46 am 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Delmonico
Get the "fornacation" out of my store only I used a different word that means about the same thing. Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 11:01:15 pm 
Started by litl rooster - Last post by Major E A Sterner
I mentioned shooting our state SASS Championship a while ago, For those of you interested, Here is a video of the stages with instructions, Enjoy.

 on: Yesterday at 10:05:54 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by greyhawk
If he walked around on his knees and dyed all that hair red . . .

Be interestin to know what he really said to those two fools that put the wind up em enough they stacked the getaway car

 on: Yesterday at 09:51:33 pm 
Started by Sam Perfye - Last post by pony express
I won't make it either. Seems I have too many irons(not shootin' irons) in the fire.

 on: Yesterday at 09:24:30 pm 
Started by Sam Perfye - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Sad to say we won't be making it to IA this year.  Sad


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