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 on: Today at 09:29:21 am 
Started by Horseapples - Last post by Camano Ridge
Here is some information on Galatin and the makers mark you might find interesting. I have some pictures of 1870 Galatin shotgun chaps. I have to shrink them to post them here. I am on my way out the door right now but will try to post this afternoon.

 on: Today at 09:23:24 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by litl rooster
Hope Slim is cleansing the feilds of Chinese Chixs this morning.

 on: Today at 09:19:15 am 
Started by Horseapples - Last post by Cliff Fendley
I suppose the makers mark is personal preference. Frank Meanea, Gallatins nephew also used a stamp with straight line lettering.

 on: Today at 08:39:27 am 
Started by Two Bit Charlie - Last post by Crow Choker
I get along fine by washing them ASP in warm-hot water using dish detergent(deprime first), then tumbling the 'beegeegers' out of them using corncob or walnut media. Works good, the brass come out nice and clean. I've seen some deprime at the range and toss them into a soapy water solution right away to presoak. Sometimes a few stains will still be present, but unless you are required to stand at attention for an inspection before every shoot, the system works good. If you want to go to the extra $$$ of wet tumblin' with stainless steel pins, that route is available.

 on: Today at 08:24:04 am 
Started by Johnny McCrae - Last post by Crow Choker
All the best for you Johnny-Gods Blessings!

 on: Today at 08:22:42 am 
Started by Darto - Last post by Crow Choker
Ah, a 'blast from the past'! Started ordering from Brownell's back around 72-73. I live around 120 miles or so north of the place. On the 'bucket list' to make the drive to Montezuma some day, maybe when they open their new facility east of Des Moines-visit both locations. Wish they still offered the Sperm Oil. Still have approx. half of a can yet, good stuff! If any of you remember Herter's from Waseca, Minn, I grew up in the 60's devouring their catalog. Started driving up to Waseca (60 miles) in the late 60's instead of placing orders, always a fun trip. Have come into possession of a '62 and a '73 catalogs from Herter's, fun to read through them and reminisce.

 on: Today at 08:13:38 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by pony express
Clear and sunny here this morning, supposed to get up near 80 today and tomorrow.

 on: Today at 08:08:33 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Major 2
Off today, cool and light breeze... 'xpect I'll do some reloading 

 on: Today at 07:45:07 am 
Started by Bruce W Sims - Last post by Bruce W Sims
I know this may sound silly....but with as much talk as there was earlier about diet, I'm wondering if there should be more in the way of smell and fat stains on the clothing. I'm not saying that re-enactors need go to the trouble of splashing or spattering themselves with grease to look authentic. What I am suggesting is that with as much open-fire cooking as folks did, and as much fatty foods as they were exposed to, seems like a lot of those old old sepia photo-s would reveal a kind of grimey, greasy look to the front of the shirts and jackets as well as the front of the thighs. Put another way, doesn't it seem like a lot of those photo-s show folks to be a bit tidy? I am reading "50 Years on the Trail" by Nelson and his report of living on the plains for months at a time --- and as much hunting and trapping as he did--- I'm guessing the guy should have had a pretty good build-up of stain and organic material on his front. Thoughts?

BTW: I also noticed that Lancaster seems to have laces dangling on the front of his coat as well as what appear to be buttons. I'm thinking that this might be as matter of using whatever is at hand, but it prompt a question. Are there any resources that speak to the providers that sutlers would have gotten their "dry goods" from for resale on the Frontier. I notice that in quite a few of these threads there are references to "dry goods" being sold, but little to describe what and where these goods would have been secured from. Montgomery Wards?  Sears? Did the Military have contracts with particular contractors that furnished goods for resale? Sometimes, for instance,  when I am looking at items for the Military there are things such as pistol holsters that a Service Member might have bought for themselves. I'm wondering if these were locally produced or if there were sources back East that turned such things out in numbers?  Thoughts?

Best Wishes,


 on: Today at 07:45:02 am 
Started by jrdudas - Last post by Lt. I. M. Lost
In North Alabama we have a monthly .22 match.  The club is the Cavern Cove Rimfire

They have several different categories, one of which is Cowboy - you use two single action revolvers and a lever or pump rifle.  When I shoot the cowboy style, I use a pair of Ruger Single Six revolvers and a Ruger 96/22 lever rifle.

The other categories they offer are:

Limited - Auto pistol w/2 mags loaded 5 rounds each, and an auto rifle both with iron sights
Open - Auto pistol 2/mags loaded 5 rounds each and an auto rifle either or both with optics
Mechanical - 10 shot pistol and lever or pump rifle

The format is the same as for a SASS match, metal targets at 7-10 yards.  We shoot 8 stages for 160 rounds.

It is a blast and lots of the Cowboys shoot the match.

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