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 on: Today at 11:48:47 am 
Started by OldSchoolBoy - Last post by Crow Choker
OK--thought I'd better post this as I guess I'm out of date with Lee's Auto-Hand Primer. Lee recently redesigned their time proven, long made auto primer according to what I read on Midways site about the hand primer, haven't paid any attention to them as I wasn't in the market to buy. The base looks sorta the same, but they've redesigned the trays to a triangular shape vs the square (what used to be round once upon a time). According to the reviews (and their were more negative than positive), Lee cheapened the parts, ie more plastic, and a lot of the reviewers are saying the new Lee is not as good as the former. Several said Lee needs to bring back the old design, some advised they had parts break and had to send the primer back for repair, only to have it break again. Guess I'd say to anyone interested in the Lee Auto Hand Primer is to check out the reviews around the web and other forums before buying. I checked on various sites about the reviews for the primer, a lot of negative ones. *** My former 5 stars was on the old Lee design.****

 Lee also has a new bench mounted auto prime that has a lot of negative reviews of breakage, many reviewers said of that item that they were long time Lee reloading equipment fans and that Lee missed the ball on this product. Buyer beware again I guess. A lot of pot metal and plastic construction on many of Lee's products has always been my main gripe with them, that's why Lee's products are a lot cheaper overall vs Lyman, RCBS, Hornady, and Redding.

 on: Today at 11:36:33 am 
Started by Big Mak - Last post by Yellowhouse Sam

 on: Today at 11:33:56 am 
Started by Tuolumne Lawman - Last post by Yellowhouse Sam
Trapdoors are thankfully underrated and under appreciated.   I see it has the Buffington sight too and thats a plus.  Here's some info you may be interested in.   PS there is a link to Jack Jaquette on sight calibration.  Alas, my old friend is deceased. 

 on: Today at 11:27:31 am 
Started by wildman1 - Last post by Yellowhouse Sam
Depends on condition, caliber, and how its set up.  Also, if it is a Farmingdale Rifle they don't sell for quite as much.

 on: Today at 08:46:33 am 
Started by wildman1 - Last post by Ranch 13

 on: Today at 08:04:54 am 
Started by Tuolumne Lawman - Last post by Tascosa Joe
Nice find.

 on: Today at 07:38:12 am 
Started by Silver Creek Slim - Last post by The Trinity Kid
Morning all.

It's 45 here, with scattered rain.  And by that, I mean dry one second, pouring the next, then dry again.  It's like standing under a bucket of water that someone dumps on you.  All or nothing.

Yesterday, I think I broke nature...  I was out with the dog on a sort of narrow bank beside a pond.  I was throwing sticks for her, and I grabbed this one stick that was about the size of a baseball bat.  As I threw it, the ground I had been standing on started to dissolve under my feet, so I jumped back.  As I sat there watching it, a channel through the side of the pond just opened up and water just poured out.  It was still going when I left.  Huh  Apparently it was a magic stick.


 on: Today at 07:13:06 am 
Started by Cliff Fendley - Last post by Cliff Fendley
Cliff , Arthur Pirkle in his book has this to say about the second model dust cover's . Some second model dust covers circa #31,000 - 41,000  sr. # had the oval thumb print . And that they are very desirable .  RW

Ok my second model has a 70,000 sn and I've wondered if it has the original or correct dust cover because it looks like a third model cover.

 on: Today at 06:36:50 am 
Started by Silver Creek Slim - Last post by Four-Eyed Buck
Temp is in the 20's this morning, have a few flakes floating around Tongue

Thanks for the coffee,Del Wink

 on: Today at 05:42:59 am 
Started by Tuolumne Lawman - Last post by Major 2
if that works for you...then by all means... Smiley

I used to use boiled linseed oil ....  found I liked Skidmores better....the Wood Restoration & Leather treatment is the same product ( they advertise that )
I use it on both

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