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 on: Yesterday at 06:24:38 pm 
Started by Garret - Last post by Garret
I have a Uberti chambered in .44 special and am looking into a mould for this style bullet.  So far I've been using a commercially cast .430, 215 grain.  Good results but I'm just getting my feet wet.  I'm going to be shooting with BP only so of course amount of lube is a concern.  I like Mako's idea because it has one inside lube groove and one outside with a crimping groove to give the look of the heel based bullet.  Going overboard, maybe but it's fun.   I'm wanting to try something like this out because I want a cartridge that gets "close" to the original Henry.  I realize that it was a rim fire and the other specs are off, but of all the chamberings available for the replica Henry rifle the .44 special gets me a little closer to my interest.  That's the fun!

 on: Yesterday at 06:23:29 pm 
Started by bear tooth billy - Last post by bear tooth billy
I had a similar project with an old 94 Winchester (1907) with maybe a little worse bore than this 1886, I got
an oversize mold from accurate molds .313" and with sight upgrade and smokeless powder I ended up with
very good results, 2'' group at 100 yds and about 5" at 180 yds.
 I want to use black with this one and if I order a custom made mold I want to be sure I get enough lube
capacity for my 26" barrel. I'm surprised DD hasn't suggested his big lube bullet, it probably will carry enough
lube but I don't know about the accuracy at distance.
My main experience with BP long range is my 45/90 Shiloh and Paul Jones mold, it will punch perfect round
holes at 1000 yds, heavy long bullet 540 gr. So I don't know if I should try a heavier, longer bullet? again
I'm talking 200-300 yds out of this 125 year old gun with decent but not perfect bore. Thanks


 on: Yesterday at 06:02:12 pm 
Started by treebeard - Last post by Coffinmaker
One of these days, someone I know is going to get one of the Reproduction 1860 Henry rifles from Henry Repeating Arms and let me
have "close" look it it.  Close inspection means I take it completely apart and really "look" at it.  That said ..........

Cliff, your completely right.  Much as I hate'd to say it, been like that for at least the 20 some years I worked on em.  Either ridiculous to get apart, or already in a bag.

I think I'd fix Mike's rifle and shoot it anyway, as long as it's going to take him to get another one.


Oops.  Sorta got some of this on the wrong forum.  Didn't mean to High Jack.

 on: Yesterday at 05:56:06 pm 
Started by Garret - Last post by Coffinmaker
My first question is .... What do you plan to shoot it out of??  It is a .44 Bullet.  It would be sized somewhere between .428 and .430 or
so.  Henry's are only available in 44-40 or .45 Colt.  You could use the bullet it the 44-40, but there are other, simpler choices for bullets.
The prime consideration with BP will be how much lube will it carry (enough??)


 on: Yesterday at 05:50:13 pm 
Started by Garret - Last post by Blackpowder Burn
You might also check with Tom at Accurate Molds (  He'll make any mold you want for no additional charge.

 on: Yesterday at 05:40:16 pm 
Started by Queasy Dillo - Last post by Coffinmaker
Didn't Work.  Oh well.

I've built 6 "sets" of guns with 3" or 3 1/4" barrels.  With sights.  Shoot em in CAS Gunfighter.  Some with Cartridge Cylinders, some straight Cap Guns.  Super FUN!!


There you go Mike .... here are 2 of your Beauties  Smiley M2

 on: Yesterday at 05:31:00 pm 
Started by rbertalotto - Last post by Coffinmaker
Like I said, Go Look Em Up on you tube.  Just don't have a mouth full of anything liquid while you watch.  Great music and REALLY FUN!!


 on: Yesterday at 05:27:43 pm 
Started by treebeard - Last post by Cliff Fendley
From what I've seen it seems Uberti guns either fall apart or you cant get them apart.

 on: Yesterday at 05:01:58 pm 
Started by santee - Last post by Marshal Will Wingam
The only time I got grey with vinegaroon was an old batch that had been around for a loooong time, perhaps a couple years and it didn't get that rich black. There was a layer of whitish sediment in the bottom of the jar.

With all other batches, the leather turns jet black almost immediately. I look forward to hearing how mixing it with walnut dye works.

 on: Yesterday at 05:01:41 pm 
Started by Dakota Widowmaker - Last post by Garret
Greeting agai....
I'm giving it another go, so we'll see what happens with photo posting...

All the best,

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