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 on: Yesterday at 09:32:56 pm 
Started by Lord Eoin MacKenzie - Last post by Doc Jackson
You could try Chris Sullivan at Stony Brook Company, he sells consignments, you could find some good stuff.  He added a few sack coats today. You need to pick a time frame though, the army changed a lot from 1865 to 1898.

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:49 pm 
Started by CPL Jayhawker Jake - Last post by 1961MJS
WPG has both the M1887 leather sling, and the M1899  Mills Web sling.  Have both, like 'em both.  (Use da link!)

The 1887 is only on their ebay site for now.

The web sling was mostly found in the phillipines.

I just received both, and a Cavalry .45/70 Belt from Jerry.  The 1887 sling seems a bit thin, but then it cost a lot less than the other one mentioned.  Should I put anything on it?


 on: Yesterday at 08:31:34 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by litl rooster
The above post requires photos.

 on: Yesterday at 08:07:49 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by pony express
M-2, I don't know what the P-17 set you back, but any US bayonet in good shape for $20 will make a happy camper.

MY 1903 has a better trigger than my P-17, but I still shoot better with the 1917, at leastr with jacketed loads. Have not had success with my cast GAF loads.

 on: Yesterday at 07:00:16 pm 
Started by Lord Eoin MacKenzie - Last post by smoke
The luckyline guy had an ACW french style listed before.  They were in the $50 range.  It was off white canvas.  I have no idea how accurate it was.

 on: Yesterday at 06:54:19 pm 
Started by dusty texian - Last post by Black River Smith
Dusty, just received and watched your video.  That is about the extent of my ejection also.  Brass will hit the receiver or flip past.  Thank you for the visual.  That really helped.  Do your originals function in the same manner with the cut Rem brass?  If yes, then that is that and I will accept it, as is, and go on enjoying it.

Just not like the video I posted but....

Thanks again for the visual example that really helps me to understand what others are experiencing.

 on: Yesterday at 06:08:03 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Major 2
here is the news as offered...

A Model 1917 Eddystone came home with me today .... I'll do some photos tomorrow ( weather drizzly & cloudy all day )
Barrel date indicates 1-18 , SS# match to date ....original blue 80% or better ....all parts E stamped , Ordinance bomb present on Receiver & bolt & barrel.
Extractor spring is not broken , Bore is bright with strong rifling, Head Space is a go, ...Sights are E marked.
The wood had been sanded but not abused.... I think the upper hand guard is a replacement ( its a shade darker ) but has a E .
 So far it all Eddystone, no armory mismatched parts.  

Probably slug it tomorrow , before reassembly....  EDIT: slugged @ .308  - found an R on the Stock after Cosmolene or RENAISSANCE WAX or whatever the gook was....

Planets aligned and the trade was made  Grin FFl had a pretty nice Remington Bayonet with 6-1-1918 date I grabbed for $20


 on: Yesterday at 05:44:51 pm 
Started by dusty texian - Last post by dusty texian
Email address in my profile info is correct.  Don't know why it did not come though, yet?Huh?
I will try again . ,,DT

 on: Yesterday at 05:18:46 pm 
Started by Baltimore Ed - Last post by Baltimore Ed
Guys, I picked up my Fosbery this afternoon and it looks good. Not too nice to shoot but in pretty good condition externally. Cycled nice. Has a solid sound to it. Last week I loaded a bunch of 4.0 gr of bullseye under a 200gr .454 pointy nose lead bullet. Unfortunately itís got an issue. Firing my loaded rds cycle the revolver just fine but it wants to double or triple. My first thought was that thereís junk in the gun so I found disassembly instructions and took it down enough to clean things. Didnít see any hard grease just some thick oil. Just put it back together and tried it, still doubling. In fact itís full auto, hold down the trigger and away you go. Disconnector not operating.
Couldnít wait so I tore it down a little farther to get the hammer and sear out. The full cock was hardly a notch so I slightly deepened it, cleaned more grease out of the insides and ever so slightly bent the flat spring on the sear which is also the disconnector. Put it back together and IT WORKS. Even though itís after dark I loaded 2 rds in the cylinder and stepped out on the deck and it fired correctly, no double and the hammer locked back after each rd was fired. Trigger resetting ok. Will take pix tomorrow.

 on: Yesterday at 05:10:23 pm 
Started by dusty texian - Last post by Black River Smith
Email address in my profile info is correct.  Don't know why it did not come though, yet?Huh?

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