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 on: Yesterday at 07:10:14 pm 
Started by stuck_in_73 - Last post by stuck_in_73
I use Moose Milk as a final coat after cleaning. Plus I use a gun sock when it's in the safe. Haven't had a problem yet here in Sydney, Australia.

Is moose milk a homemade mixture of 90% distilled water and 10% Ballistol? I think I've read that somewhere. And if so (I may sound dumb asking this but) wouldn't the water rust the gun? That may be a stupid question. Lol

 on: Yesterday at 07:01:59 pm 
Started by Tsalagidave - Last post by Tsalagidave
Interesting that you bring that up Billy.  I have been getting a lot of requests to start teaching classes on non-electric survival in a "Post-Katrina" scenario which makes sense since I'm a S. Californian.  I have also been working on similar topics in my book project with my New York contacts. (Not everyone in the media is against the core American values.) I have quite a few "in the closet" friends working with me on this.

Hopefully all our collective stones in the water will eventually form a causeway back to the true path my friends.


 on: Yesterday at 06:56:15 pm 
Started by slkslk - Last post by Mean Bob Mean
Extremely sweet aren't they?  Enjoy it!

 on: Yesterday at 06:50:17 pm 
Started by Navy Six - Last post by Lefty Dude
I have several TC Snail Cappers. I must adjust all when they are new, the spring finger. The spring is usually long and tight. I use a thin nose pliers and do the adjustment. No material removal necessary. After the adjustment, I can use both Remington #10 & #11 caps.

I buy them in Cabela's Bargain Cave for 1/2 the going price, usually $15.00 dollars.

 on: Yesterday at 06:00:59 pm 
Started by Bunk Stagnerg - Last post by Bibbyman
I bought a Century Arms 87 a couple of months back.  I'm sure the Chiappa is much better.  It would have to be!  My gun does not have the drop two mod so the carrier drops all the way down.  I've tried to shoot it drop two but the second top round falls too deep to feed.   So I just shove the first one down and then insert the top one in the chamber.   Not fast but reasonably sure. 

I'd like to see a clear picture of a carrier modified for drop two.

 on: Yesterday at 05:21:50 pm 
Started by hhughh - Last post by hhughh
And thank you, Dusty. Very cool. Can't wait to try it out.

 on: Yesterday at 05:20:19 pm 
Started by hhughh - Last post by hhughh
Thanks Buck.

 on: Yesterday at 05:18:57 pm 
Started by hhughh - Last post by dusty texian
Here Ya go hhughh. Finished your 45-75 wcf decapping pin and a couple others this afternoon. Here is a pic. of your's . Worked fine in my tong tool decapping a spent primer. Will get it in the Mail tomorrow,,,,,,,Dusty

 on: Yesterday at 05:13:36 pm 
Started by Tsalagidave - Last post by buckskin billy
just remember dave, if you get the women you'll get the children. and the men will most certainly follow. that is the tactics that are used by those who are trying to destroy what our country was founded on. so use it to your full advantage.
 until recently I had no idea on many women are interested in learning primitive skills. last year I was asked to speak at the library about the life in the 1800's. from there the national wild turkey federation had me speak to a group of women on the same thing. I  had 15 women in that class. last month the Louisiana wild life and fisheries had me speak to 20 women at the becoming a outdoors woman (b.o.w.) and I have been asked back for both of these for next year. many of the women are wanting to learn more, anything from brain tanning a deer hide to making moccasin to cooking over a fire and building a fire with a flint and steel.
 its one thing to talk about it but another if you can show them. those of us that are active in this should get involved in teaching. these groups I mention I believe are nation wide and hold events yearly for women. and are always in need of speakers who know these subjects

 on: Yesterday at 05:05:17 pm 
Started by drm2m - Last post by drm2m
Thanks Kevin.

Some more stuff......almost finished.

Two M1860 Colt Armies---1862 and 1863 manufactured.

51 Colt Navy---martially marked.

61 Colt Navy--serial number 3830--manufactured in 1861.

M1862 Colt Poilice and 49 Colt Pocket revolver.

Manhattan Series 1 Navy revolver.

58 Remington Army and 60 Colt Army with a Gaylord marked holster.

Model 1842 Musket---manufactured by Harpers Ferry in 1843.

Model 1861 Rifle Musket----Muir Contract---dated 1863.


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