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 on: Yesterday at 07:00:14 pm 
Started by Cemetery - Last post by Coffinmaker
Hey Cemetery !!!  Happy Thanksgiving   Grin

I like both Pettifogger's and fbertalotto's "fixes." for the Hammer face, but neither (my opinion) resolves the Cap Jam issue.  I retired and
sold off my machines so I don't have a mill anymore.  But ...... I shoot Gunfighter with Cap Guns exclusively.  With a gun in each hand,
malfunctions are just unacceptable.  What I do:
I drill the center of the hammer channel for a "post."  I make the post out of the same drill I use to make the hole.  I glue the post in place
with JB Weld.  You absolutely must be careful not to get the Post down into the raceway for the cylinder star.
Then, using the dreaded Dremel and the same size drill bit's again, I push the hammer slot back to clear the post.  Blocks the Caps nicely.
I'm not done yet ............
I replace the OEM nipples with SlixShot nipples and replace the OEM Main Springs either with VTI Gunparts reduced Main Springs or
"Lee's Gunsmithing Gunfighter" Main Springs. 
Over the past two + seasons, I have had exactly ZERO Cap Jams.  Remington # 10 Caps.


 on: Yesterday at 06:51:39 pm 
Started by Alphawolf45 - Last post by Alphawolf45
AGREED, such wanton posts and statements NOT Supported by photos will be deleted as is the SSS policy, long standing . . . need to see these photos, ASAP!!!!!!!

Two Flints

 You are very welcome to delete my post.Save me the effort posting again.. Pictures will/ or would be coming later. Nothing contoured or purtied up yet.....I will say with some arrogance that nobody does a scratch build that puts my work to shame.. I am quite talented for a poor old man that has had to pay for all his own machineshop and the bits and pieces for his guns.

 on: Yesterday at 06:40:15 pm 
Started by Alphawolf45 - Last post by Two Flints
AGREED, such wanton posts and statements NOT Supported by photos will be deleted as is the SSS policy, long standing . . . need to see these photos, ASAP!!!!!!!

Two Flints

 on: Yesterday at 06:34:55 pm 
Started by Alphawolf45 - Last post by rbertalotto
Woooh Nelly! You ain't getting away that easy...You tease us with the headline and then no pictures.......WE WANT PICTURES! Grin

 on: Yesterday at 06:33:00 pm 
Started by Cemetery - Last post by rbertalotto
This article I wrote about soft hammer faces on the Piettas might help:

 on: Yesterday at 06:28:36 pm 
Started by treebeard - Last post by Driftwood Johnson
45 Schofield brass is a nominal .010 larger in diameter than 45 Colt.  It functions because the gun is tolerant.

Not quite. Nominal rim diameter of the 45 Colt round is .512. Nominal rim diameter of the 45 Schofield is .520.

The delta is .008.

 on: Yesterday at 05:49:50 pm 
Started by Alphawolf45 - Last post by Alphawolf45
     Bet that title got some attention from folks in disbelief that a .22 LR Spencer has ever been built.
           I build my own rifles and compete in silhouette matches and I win with some regularity.. I am now building a Spencer in .22 LR.. I've given my CAD software a good workout re-engineering the Spencer for .22 LR but I now have it roughed in  and it loads and extracts almost perfectly already after just a few weeks working on it.....I am confident enough now to go ahead and order sights.......Has anybody here ever installed a Marbles type post tang sight on their Spencer?  I'll only be shooting to 100 yards but want a tall enough sight that I wont have to make a spacer to raise it up.. It'd be nice if they just said how tall each sight was instead of saying it fit this or that rifle. And of course they don't make one specific to a Spencer.
     The Marbles sight on my  home built1892 Marlin - made for that model rifle- is ALL the way up for the rams at 100 yards.
             Hope you all are having a fine Thanksgiving.

 on: Yesterday at 05:36:38 pm 
Started by blackpowder - Last post by Major 2
Blackpowder, welcome to the Land of Soot. When you say 'new, old stock', just how old? It used to be easy and say to buy the best quality you could and that meant Uberti, however the quality of the Pietta's I've seen lately are on a par with the Uberti's. If the Pietta is post 1910-11 I don't think you'll have any problems with it. Once you get addicted, like I have, you'll also have to have real Colt's and when you can find them one of the Belgium Centaures. Just treat it right, remember it's not a magnum and never will be, use black powder or approved subsitutes, and to clean and oil it after you shoot it and you should be fine. Also would help to have access to a pard who has shot them for some time to ask questions of. Good luck and enjoy your 1860's. Grin

I'm betting Pathfinder's typo meant 2010-2011  Smiley

On either you will find the Date code looking something like the example  [CD]...if you look at the date Code sticky I have placed at the head of this BB  the letters will indicate the year of manufacture  

[CD] by the way is 2009

 on: Yesterday at 05:03:24 pm 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Russ T Chambers
Turning the ranch over to the local friends for the weekend.  Heading North to Oregon for another injection of tryptophan.  Local temps here arenít supposed to break freezing, so 50ís in Oregon are looking pretty good

 on: Yesterday at 04:45:59 pm 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Major 2
Turkey is in the marinade/brine , goes on the smoker at O:800
this is my first time at smoking one....

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