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 on: Yesterday at 08:59:47 am 
Started by Rowdy Fulcher - Last post by dusty texian
Congratulations Rowdy, one of Gods greatest gifts. A Grandchild ! ,,DT

 on: Yesterday at 08:55:46 am 
Started by Rowdy Fulcher - Last post by Rowdy Fulcher
Being a new grandpa just wanted to show you the next generation of Vintage Hunter .

 on: Yesterday at 08:21:40 am 
Started by Long Johns Wolf - Last post by 44caliberkid
I have a 44 Pietta that I got from Dixie around 1998. I used it for a main match gun, but the hot cap from the last shot fired would fall off and drop between the grip and my palm as I was cocking for the next shot.  You really had to concentrate while it was burning the crap out of you.

 on: Yesterday at 06:59:46 am 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Morning y'all.
Thanks fer the coffee.

'Tis 59 and sprinkling. "Periods of showers and isolated thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s. East wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent."


 on: Yesterday at 04:35:04 am 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Good Troy
Mornin' y'all.  Coffee is ready.

Slim, you are welcome, and it was my pleasure.  I hope that it serves him well for many years to come.

 on: Yesterday at 03:17:22 am 
Started by Crow Choker - Last post by 45 Dragoon
Nice job cc.
 If you talk to Rifle again, give him a howdy for me please. We've had good "how to" discussions in other forums.

Follow me on Instagram @ goonsgunworks

 on: Yesterday at 02:34:32 am 
Started by Coffinmaker - Last post by Major 2
Welp,  Drat ! but that's OK

I'd want one with the Campeche' battle scene anyway and that would add $$
Figure my piece's TG & Backstrap will see Fords plating in the coming months.
so the R&D will remain a Hmmmmmmmmm ! for the foreseeable future.
Still, on the list, just not at the top   Undecided

 on: Yesterday at 02:03:48 am 
Started by Sir Charles deMouton-Black - Last post by Professor Marvel
Good to hear from you Sir C.

Does Pterydactyl Shooting Count?

prof mvl

 on: Yesterday at 01:53:08 am 
Started by Bunk Stagnerg - Last post by Professor Marvel
The black stuff is almost certainly graphite. For CAS typr shooting, it causes no issues other than the mess.

Real Long Range shooters will often remove the graphite via "socking" or winnowing.

hope this helps
prof mvl

 on: August 26, 2016, 09:17:40 pm 
Started by Prairie Dawg - Last post by Prairie Dawg
Pietta Navy US Marshal Polished & Engraved .44 Revolver Excellent

I have for sale A  Pietta 1851 Navy US Marshal revolver.

Polished steel & engraved.

Only 5 rounds have been shot through it.

Safe Queen for many years.

Made by Pietta in Italy, Purchased from Cabelas
44 caliber (.451 or .454 round ball)
5" barrel
Half-fluted cylinder with 6 charge holes
Polished steel with brass trigger guard and backstrap
Walnut grips
Engraved barrel, loading lever, frame, hammer, backstrap
Factory nipples
Nice gun!

No box or paperwork

$425 shipped USPS Priority Mail, Insured where legal.

Thanks for looking.

More Information

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