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 on: Yesterday at 03:15:45 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by Delmonico

 on: Yesterday at 03:11:30 pm 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Coffinmaker
Actually, "NEED" has no place in the Lexicon of CAS shooters.  "WANT" is the operative word.  We ..... NEED to eat = Survival.  We ......
NEED to drink fluids = Survival.  For CAS and FUN ...... We ...... WANT to look really cool doing it  Grin


 on: Yesterday at 03:05:58 pm 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Coffinmaker
Another Plus One to Pettifogger.
The offerings from Chaparral were and are so bad, and the "replacement parts" were so bad, I finally refused to accept them for work.
Most of the time, the customer had more money in after-purchase repair work than the original selling price.  Pure KRAP!!

I also understand, there were a few that actually worked as advertised.  Maybe one in 20 to a hundred.  So, to those few prepared to
add comments and extols the virtue of their unique single example, don't break it.  There are NO parts.  Making a Chaparral actually
function is an exercise in futility, no mater what the purchase price.  Very expensive and flashy Tomato Stake.


 on: Yesterday at 02:40:31 pm 
Started by River City John - Last post by Niederlander
I've got several things, most Little Bighorn related, I'm planning to bring.

 on: Yesterday at 02:39:45 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by Niederlander
Just finished the new Water Cooler Tables.  We're going to try to have a water cooler at every stage this year.  Stay hydrated, Gentlemen!

 on: Yesterday at 02:35:31 pm 
Started by Niederlander - Last post by Niederlander
Thanks, John.  I'm hoping to have a cooler at every stage this year.  Hydration is going to be a MAJOR theme out there!

 on: Yesterday at 02:17:46 pm 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Pettifogger
An interesting question but flawed. My experiences with the 3 italian 1873/76 rifles that I have purchased new is that they were broken when I got them. The first one was a 30 in bbl 73 that had a absolutely useless bbl. It spent a year at the Chappy importer in Texas while a replacement bbl came from italy. The second was a RCMP 76 carbine with toggle issues that was a active post here last year. The last was a 73 carbine that has soft screws and springs replaced to get right. All 3 took a substantial amount of effort to get to where they should have been when they left the factory, they do work now but are not my match guns. My 3 Marlins I've owned came from the factory 100% without any problems. The 1894s had one piece firing pins installed and after a lot of shooting my main match rifle developed the Marlin jam but I repaired it and it's still my match favorite. With my experience, I would have to say that your question needs to be -after repairs and competition upgrades- how durable are 1873s?

If you are talking Chapparals it is well known they were and remain junk.  Ubertis, the new Miroku Winchester and original Winchesters are completely different animals.  73s are the top gun for high levels of competition.  If they weren't reliable they would not be the overwhelming facovorite CAS rifle.

 on: Yesterday at 01:17:13 pm 
Started by wildman1 - Last post by wildman1
RB if you are going to Tristate Bring a couple of bullets and I'll have a look at em.

 on: Yesterday at 12:49:26 pm 
Started by Professor Marvel - Last post by Forty Rod
Thank you boys and girls.  It's good to be back and, apparently, missed whilst gone.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.

 on: Yesterday at 12:18:37 pm 
Started by El Peludo - Last post by Delmonico
Had one cross near me 2 years ago on the way to the muster, it ran the stop sign and the highway intersection before I got there, scared me for a few seconds, was to worried about staying out of it's way and poof, was gone, no pictures.

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