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 on: Yesterday at 06:58:49 pm 
Started by Hammered Flat - Last post by Hammered Flat

  Hello all,
   I got my ammunition all loaded up. After several trials and issues all is great. My thanks go out to everyone"s help. Now I am using the modified LEE mold. while I have used many lee molds with good results I am not that crazy about this one. Constantly having to  make sure of being closed completely and aligned for every pour .
 My question is . I am wanting to find the most correct (allowing for center fire) and accurate bullet. Need some input as to what dimensions,shape,lube grooves and such. Names of places and mold makers too would be great. My carbine is an Armi Sport modern firearm. 
Thanks All.

 on: Yesterday at 06:15:49 pm 
Started by Hammered Flat - Last post by Hammered Flat

 Well, I got my RCBS dies and with the harder cast bullets all is well. they cycle and shoot great. I figure the Lyman dies arfe to size the 50-70 cut down brass which would be thicker than the repro 56-50 brass.  I'm thinking that this is why the Lyman dies will not pull the repro brass down far enough. I thank evryone for the help!!  Aim true shoot straight my friends!

 on: Yesterday at 06:14:13 pm 
Started by PJ Hardtack - Last post by Shawnee McGrutt
My Westhighland White says she likes roast beast, you can have my share of haggis!

 on: Yesterday at 06:12:40 pm 
Started by Capt. John Fitzgerald - Last post by Capt. John Fitzgerald
Really?  No one here on the forum (other than GaryG) knows anything at all about the USFA "hard rubber" (Plastic) grips with the Colt eagle?  Surely someone, other than myself, has seen these.  Are they really all that rare?

 on: Yesterday at 05:37:37 pm 
Started by Galen - Last post by Galen
Gentlemen please! Didn't want to start a ruukas here. Just expressed an interest in a practical solution for a rifle in my favorite pistol round.
Thank you

 on: Yesterday at 05:15:09 pm 
Started by Doug.38PR - Last post by Doug.38PR
Okay, since postin this thread long ago, I have drifted from wanting a Rossi 92 to a nicer and smoother uberti 73. 

Same pros and cons. 

I do like shooting black powder subs like American Pioneer.  (Haven't gotten my hands on black powder yet)

 on: Yesterday at 04:56:05 pm 
Started by PJ Hardtack - Last post by PJ Hardtack
Coming up that time again. Our local Robbie Burns Supper is slated for January 28th. Tickets are just about gone already.

Looking forward to a great roast beast dinner with neeps, tats and of course, the ''King O' The Puddin' Race" - HAGGIS! And then the Pipes & Drums and some great Highland Dancing following.

At the first Burns Supper I attended, when I came to the Piper carving the beef, he looked at my plate with disdain and said - "Nae Haggis, nae beef!" I explained that I didn't like it, but he stuck to his guns.

I learned that with enough gravy, even a Sassenach could like Haggis. Now I like it.

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:29 pm 
Started by rustyrelx - Last post by rustyrelx
76 Winchester

 Howdy friend:
 I got 3 1876 Winchester frames all with large shank barrel houseing. One lower tang is bent to form a pg action. One the mainspring mount is missing and other is servicable as is. I have a buttstock in pretty good condition. And a 26" barrel and mag thats origional. Email me at if you have any interest. The frames will be sold for $300 each. 26" barrel and mag $650.

More Information

 on: Yesterday at 02:39:32 pm 
Started by Cowtown Scout - Last post by PJ Hardtack
IN "Civil War Carbines - Myth vs Reality", Peter Schiffers rated the Sharps & Hankins first overall in accuracy, followed by the Burnside and the '63 Sharps.

This compares favourably with the Ordnance Department Survey which rated the Spencer first, the Sharps & Hankns 2nd, the '63 Sharps 3rd and the Burnside a distant 6th.

He shot eleven original carbines at 50m, 100m and 200m with ammo made to original specs. In the case of the rimfires, he had cases made to accept off set blanks.

 on: Yesterday at 02:19:02 pm 
Started by nativeshooter - Last post by nativeshooter
It works, I found the original bolt.

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