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 on: Yesterday at 09:42:50 pm 
Started by Bunk Stagnerg - Last post by Bunk Stagnerg
I am really out of my area of knowledge and am looking for help.

 I have a .54 caliber percussion Pedersoli Sharps carbine with the Hahn modification. It looks like a good accurate shooter the little i have shot it but I could use some suggestions for a 100 yard load.

 The bullet is a 425 grain pure lead bullet with a rebated base for use with Charlie’s tubes.  I realize a Rapine ring tail is preferred, but the mold I have is as close as I can get.

The powder on hand is FFg either Olde Eynsford or Graf and Son (Wano) in a 1.5” tube.  Swiss might work better, but these are the components I have and is what I have to work with.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. What I am looking for is not a hunting load, but an accurate (3 to 4 MOA) target load.
I am still
Holding Center

 on: Yesterday at 09:29:25 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by yahoody
In my pea brain...I wish Doug had left the money and taken a hike to work on the ZIP.  And then left Gary in charge.

Gary treated me like I want to treat customers.  I witnessed several instances of similar, stellar, customer service that came straight through Gary.   He has continued to  act accordingly since in person and on the forum.  But fun still dealing with him and getting educated the 2nd time around on USFA guns.

 on: Yesterday at 09:16:05 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by what would you say
Very nice story of the good old days of yester year, Capt. 
The only employee(s) that I ever spoke wiith or dealt with while the business was making SA's was two people.  the person that answered the phone in the last year ( Nancy maybe?) and Gary himself.   
By this time, I had just discovered USFA guns that were popping up used, but none were really being delivered new,  and/or I didn't really know where to look for new guns.
Regardless, I spoke to Gary in several occasions about various used guns as I purchased them here and there.  He responded kindly each time, and would help me out educating me on what I had.   Several times sent me items free of charges that were missing... Foam, etc. 
One biggie was a premium gun that I had bought used from a seller that was a longtime customer of theirs... Gary remembered him well, as he was an elderly gentleman by this time and likely didn't know that the gun had gained a freckled backstrap over the years it had been stored in the box.  So Gary had me send him the backstrap and he repaired the finish totally for free with about a weeks turnaround.   Two things..  It's smart business to do good customer business.  Secondly, I think he is a nice guy that cares about people and likes to make them happy.  No doubt that if the doors were still open, I'd be sweeping floors there on the weekends for employee discounts to afford all the guns that I wanted to custom order. 

 on: Yesterday at 09:11:16 pm 
Started by Fox Creek Kid - Last post by Coal Creek Griff
That "Henry" looks a lot like the one used by Matt Clark's excellent character, Doc Shabbit in the 1987 movie "The Quick and the Dead" (the good one with Sam Elliott).  See attached.  By the way, I don't recall the follower moving as he fired blanks in that movie.  You'd think that, by 1987, it would have been easier to just use a reproduction Henry rather than a Hollywood Henry.  Even though they no doubt had them available, to keep several identical mockup rifles running for filming would seem to be more trouble than using newer guns.  They certainly used reproductions for other characters.

CC Griff

 on: Yesterday at 08:51:59 pm 
Started by Bruce W Sims - Last post by Bruce W Sims
@ Dick:

Then I'm getting the idea that the sort of "precision" (IE "same seating pressure") referenced in the ad is rather much
a mute point, is that right? What I mean to say is that loading each individual cylinder
and loading all cylinders at the same time will not produce meaningful variance (between the two systems) 
among the chambers. Yes? No? Thoughts?

Best Wishes,


 on: Yesterday at 08:38:26 pm 
Started by Crow Choker - Last post by bowiemaker
That is the frustrating thing about magazines. I used to write for Blade magazine. They would give me some interesting assignments but limit the story to 1200-1500 words when it would take several pages to really cover the story in depth. I hated having to cut out so much of what I thought was interesting and relevant information. As for reviews, they will not bite the hand that feeds them. They would never say anything negative in a review of an advertisers product.

 on: Yesterday at 08:12:06 pm 
Started by mehavey - Last post by pony express
You might have a better luck with 2" seasoned oak, but the currently available 1 1/2" sapwood lumber available today-no way!

 on: Yesterday at 07:45:38 pm 
Started by John William McCandles - Last post by Fox Creek Kid
Lifter issue?  Huh

 on: Yesterday at 07:43:04 pm 
Started by Joe Lansing - Last post by Two Flints
Hi Joe,

I checked on your Spencer Carbine serial # 17089.  In my SRS books, I found Spencer carbine serial # 17076 and 17091, both issued to Company K, 11th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry - #17076 issued on November 14, 1864 & #17091 issued on August 17, 1864.

Hope this helps.

Two Flints

 on: Yesterday at 07:18:27 pm 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04.


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