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 on: Yesterday at 07:11:31 pm 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by dusty texian
Happy Birthday Waddy . Hope you have a Great one Amigo!

 on: Yesterday at 07:10:58 pm 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by pony express
Wish I could have made it! Looks like several new friends I haven't met yet.

 on: Yesterday at 07:07:56 pm 
Started by Pony Racer - Last post by cpt dan blodgett
That is huge, congrats

 on: Yesterday at 07:07:04 pm 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by Sir Charles deMouton-Black
Happy Birthday Wadd; And many more!  I hope everything is comin' up roses with you.

 on: Yesterday at 06:52:06 pm 
Started by yahoody - Last post by Bunk Stagnerg
Any one consider Hoppe's #9, a brass bristle brush and a wad of elbow grease?
Sometimes the "Old School" way is the best way.

 on: Yesterday at 06:51:48 pm 
Started by Silver Creek Slim - Last post by pony express
Afternoon! had a real super-duper toad strangler last night, 5" overnight in a lot of the area. Had to take the long way to work this morning....and coming home too. 30 minute detour on the mail route. No Wed. Church tonight for us, Highway department is replacing a bridge on one route, the other 2 reasonable ways are flooded or washed out. Getting tired of the liquid sunshine.

 on: Yesterday at 06:51:00 pm 
Started by Sir Charles deMouton-Black - Last post by PJ Hardtack
Yeah, happy B'day to us! 148 years of 'modern history'. That's what the Germans told us we had at the time of our Centennial.
Along with "Du hast keine kiulture."

I said - "Yup - but we have flush toilets and central heating in our homes and we didn't destroy 6 million people between 1939-45 in concentration camps." That usually terminated the conversation.

I just hope we still have legal access to our guns on the occasion of our 150th.

 on: Yesterday at 06:42:25 pm 
Started by PJ Hardtack - Last post by Shawnee McGrutt
How about "Bad Day at Black Rock"? 

 on: Yesterday at 06:15:00 pm 
Started by Thomas (Tom) Horn aka James Hicks - Last post by Camano Ridge
Can't get much closer top the picture then that.

 on: Yesterday at 06:10:31 pm 
Started by JSpencerman - Last post by Blair
I am curious...
How well do these over the powder wads hold together at say 25 yards?
My best,

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