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 on: Yesterday at 06:17:20 pm 
Started by Gabriel Law - Last post by Coal Creek Griff
Wow! That looks great!

CC Griff

 on: Yesterday at 06:13:29 pm 
Started by Gabriel Law - Last post by Gabriel Law
I bought a brand new Browning 1886 45-70 rifle this spring, and after firing only 24 rounds out of it, decided I could not live with the stock.  The length of pull on the factory rifle is too short for me, and the comb too low to get a cheek contact that would give me any modicum of accuracy...felt like my face was floating somewhere over the comb.  So I bought a nice piece of walnut from our local gunsmith at our annual Gun Show, and whittled myself a new stock.  While I was at it, I decided I might as well chequer it too.  So here's how it ended up.  Oh, the steel chequered butt plate is from an original Winchester 1897 shotgun - kind of appropriate I thought.  Wood finish is Circa 1850 Tung Oil.

The rifle now has a great voluptuous feel to it, the chequering is most effective, and it shoulders so much better.  I shot it today for the first time since the re-stock, and enjoyed it a whole bunch more.  Now to work on some tight shooting loads...

 on: Yesterday at 05:56:51 pm 
Started by santee - Last post by Coal Creek Griff

I don't always say thanks here for every episode, but I faithfully watch them all. You're doing a great job.   Thanks!

CC Griff

 on: Yesterday at 05:55:54 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
I had the tread come off a company mini-van's front passenger tire. Took out the side mirror.  Shocked

I ended up changing the EGR valve on the new-to-me suburban 'cuz it won't idle. It still is running rough but it does idle.


 on: Yesterday at 05:38:47 pm 
Started by santee - Last post by santee
I'm afraid this one is going to be a bit short for you!
Next week's will be longer. Glad you are enjoying them. Thank you!

 on: Yesterday at 05:14:25 pm 
Started by 1961MJS - Last post by Trailrider
With modern, slow-burning powders and light (300 gr) bullets, 1800-1900 ft./sec. is just fine for your modern-made '86.  Although I would prefer to load somewhat lighter in an original '86, and would limit the use of jacketed bullets in older, soft-steel barrels just to limit barrel wear, the original '86 is a pretty strong rifle. Of course, stick with the loads shown in the published manuals. The last run of original '86's, with nickel-steel barrels were chambered for .33 WCF, which could send a 200 gr. jacketed FSP bullet at around 2200 ft/sec.  I can tell you that round can do a number on European wild boar down to Tennessee!  Unfortunately, Hornady discontinued the JFSP bullet some years ago.

 on: Yesterday at 04:40:46 pm 
Started by Asandcolored45 - Last post by Capt. John Fitzgerald
The "K" series serial number would indicate that these guns were part of the "Rodeo" series.  As for the placement, and number of serial numbers, when USFA started out they replicated Colt's original practice of stamping the serial numbers in three places.  Toward the end, and the Rodeo "K" series certainly fits into this category, USFA went from three, to two, to one serial number placements on their guns.  Why?  It was simply more cost efficient, as these numbers were stamped by hand, to only stamp the number one time.

 on: Yesterday at 04:33:15 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Major 2
I will , if I have to go to court
actually steps have been taken to Nullify the charge...

 on: Yesterday at 04:29:21 pm 
Started by Malamute - Last post by Coffinmaker
I don't personally think we are going to see a proliferation of variations from Miroku.  The Winchester marque jumped into CAS a little late.  Uberti pretty much has had the ALL the market share.  Winchester, while selling guns, really doesn't have the volume to offer much in the way of options.  Besides, Projects are FUN!!


 on: Yesterday at 04:19:53 pm 
Started by Frank Morgan - Last post by Coffinmaker
Ya know, the folks at SASS are almost as consistent as Sour Milk.  Was a time the rules were pretty much cut and dried.  Now, they (the rules) are caring shades of Grey.  I guess I should spend more quality time with the SASS Wire.  Na.  Too many nasty folks over on that side of the fence.


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