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 on: Today at 07:28:45 am 
Started by santee - Last post by santee
Thank you, Merien!

History and DIY on Wanted Posters

 on: Today at 06:54:22 am 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Pitspitr
I've got them coming and I've ordered more than what were specifically ordered here. Once they arrive I will work out what is needed for shipping and get notification out to folks.

 on: Yesterday at 10:11:14 pm 
Started by Roundsworth - Last post by Roundsworth
Hi Everybody!
I recently purchased a real nice Rodeo in 44 Special, with a 5-1/2" barrel. I searched the forum and could not find much for information on them. Does anyone here own one? If so, how has it worked for you in regards to accuracy and handloading? Thank you!

 on: Yesterday at 08:23:35 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
Evening y'all.

I'll be praying for you and yours' healing, El Peludo.

11+ hours of verk today. 51+ for the week.  Roll Eyes

Daughters were in a fender bender in an Oshkosh parking lot, today. Someone backed into them.


 on: Yesterday at 07:58:40 pm 
Started by Rowdy Fulcher - Last post by Rowdy Fulcher
They are both Great powders . I have loads loaded with both . Plan on using the old E for Deer Hunting .

 on: Yesterday at 07:54:42 pm 
Started by Rowdy Fulcher - Last post by Rowdy Fulcher
Thanks , I like Steaks . I love Steak and Taters .

 on: Yesterday at 07:48:55 pm 
Started by Delmonico - Last post by litl rooster
El Peludo- i pray you and your wife are on the mend.  

 on: Yesterday at 07:42:30 pm 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by ira scott
Best to use canister, then.
What a novel idea to start a mad minute skirmish RCJ!  An "army" of knockdown targets at 100 yards, one shot of canister out of the cannon, and then volley fire by everyone to finish off the survivors! (advance if necessary)

RCJ Grin

 on: Yesterday at 07:30:29 pm 
Started by Tuolumne Lawman - Last post by Pitchy
Sorry I must of not been clear, I started out using a higher charge and it shot poa  but I didn`t care for the recoil so dropped the charge and it shot high.
So I decided instead of going to a lighter bullet too raise the front sight which I did then it shot poa again.
Here`s the poat about the sight.,59983.25.html

 on: Yesterday at 07:16:31 pm 
Started by Tuolumne Lawman - Last post by Sir Charles deMouton-Black
Mabe I missed the point? I understood you to say the POI with your 230 grainers was still too high?

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