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 on: Today at 03:42:47 pm 
Started by Silent Joe - Last post by Badshot
Hi All,

I am from NJ and am a retired police officer, my wife told me I had to find a hobby other than fishing because she said I was around the house too much. So I said, "OK, I will start shooting again, but that cost $$ and I don't want to hear about the costs". She said, fine, if it will get you out of the house. During my carrerr I shot semi-auto pistols and rifles for over 25 years (I was the firearms instructor for my dept) and  I didn't want to go that route. Then I heard from some people about CAS, looked in it a little online and decided that it would be a fun way of doing something I enjoyed and I am a western movie fan, so here I am.

Currently I have a rifle and shotgun, but am researching pistols, unfortunately I desire pistols that have a drop safety, so uberti's are out and the only others are ruger and pietta or piettas under another name brand.  Rugers are above my self imposed price limit and I would like to purchse the pietta under the Traditions Arms name, but they are hard to come by in my area.

Thanks for the welcome and hope to shoot with some of you this upcoming season.

 on: Today at 03:39:48 pm 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Maj SH Long

Not sure on Col Shamrock, although he was in good Irish spirits!!  Lots of LAUGHS and a touch of BS!!

 on: Today at 03:08:32 pm 
Started by Bruce W Sims - Last post by Bruce W Sims
OK...the only reason I am broaching this subject was because I got a little rough treatment
from a range when I broached the subject of using BP indoors. Nothing awful or terrible, but I was left feeling like I had asked
for the birth-right of the guy's First-Born.

Is it really that difficult to find an indoor range that would handle BP pistol? Just askin'.....

Best Wishes,


 on: Today at 03:02:36 pm 
Started by Broomhandle - Last post by Broomhandle
I recently got a 44 cal Remington and a conversion cylinder (has a removable rear plate for loading). I normally use 8 gr of Unique behind a 250 gr LFN in my SAA. Would these cartridges be okay in the 1858. I size the cast bullets to.454.

 on: Today at 02:58:03 pm 
Started by w44wcf - Last post by KirkD
Another OUTSTANDING post! I'm copying and saving this one to my 44-40 file. Thank you very much for taking the time to make such an excellent post.

 on: Today at 02:53:03 pm 
Started by rifle - Last post by hellgate
If the accuracy is marginal you might want to mike the chambers to see what their diameter is and compare it to the bore. Very often the chambers are undersized and the ball/bullet doesn't completely obturate to fill the riflings (especially if not using dead, soft lead). Reaming the chambers out to .450 or .452 and going to a .454 or .457 ball will markedly improve accuracy.

 on: Today at 02:51:23 pm 
Started by M113A3 - Last post by August
My sense is that every press I've purchase has been amortized in a few months of shooting and reloading.  Even my 650 paid for itself in half a year.  If you like to shoot alot, you pretty much have to reload -- unless you're Rockefeller.

 on: Today at 02:47:23 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Delmonico
Have some Beef Barley soup simmering on the stove right now, should be ready for dinner... Grin Grin Grin

I wasn't going to mention that part of it. Grin

 on: Today at 02:38:33 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Major E A Sterner
Have some Beef Barley soup simmering on the stove right now, should be ready for dinner... Grin Grin Grin

 on: Today at 02:29:03 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Delmonico
Simplicity is what I want in recipes, but this does seem to confuse a lot of people. 

Beef Stew

To turn the above soup into a beef stew, take 1 cups of cold water and stir in either 1/3 cup (6 tablespoons) of corn starch or 2/3rd cup (12 tablespoons) of flour to make a slurry.   Add to the soup and stir in, let simmer while stirring for 5 minutes or so, remove from heat, stirring occasionally and it will thicken as it cools.   

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