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 on: Today at 05:57:25 pm 
Started by chuckerbird - Last post by wildman1
Caliber would make a dif as to what length post you should get. wM1

 on: Today at 05:51:59 pm 
Started by Professor Marvel - Last post by Major 2
Production Designer, Art Director, Prop Master , Maker & Buyer credits on close to two dozen films, Mini Series or Made for TV productions.
Reenactor coordinator on about dozen more....

 on: Today at 05:45:46 pm 
Started by Professor Marvel - Last post by River City John
I was an Art major in college, both Theory and History.
After finishing with school owned and operated an antiques shop, selling both retail and wholesale.
At its peak had 11 employees and two warehouses in addition to the main shop, which completely filled a large, older residence. Everything from Fine Art to furniture, textiles, primitives - you name it.  Two buying trips a year to England and the Continent. I was also a licensed appraiser.

Then in the latter 1980's the economy soured. Wholesale portion, which accounted for 60%+ of business, dried up. Younger generation weren't interested in antiques, more into Stock Market or electronics. So sold off the remaining inventory and got a desk job sitting at a computer. All day long.

But, operating the antique business sure satisfied my love of history and research. So much to learn. Safe to say after 11 years I saw just about anything and everything walk through those doors.


 on: Today at 05:34:20 pm 
Started by El Peludo - Last post by El Peludo
Afternoon - 1620 - mud is the dregs, reheated three times, but it'll do I s'pose.

Last night I stopped by on my way to the hay and thought Slim might be the only one 'sides me left alive, but it wa too late to post anything of use, so I just shut down and went to nighty-night.

Weather; what can I say?  It has been windy, sometimes real windy, for the past three days, temps in the eighties, lots of cumulus and related types of clouds flying about, but no rain in the valley, for which I am thankful.  Guessers say it's going to come real close to  officially hitting 100 by next Friday but we shall see; unofficially, it got to 100 here at my place last week.

We have this long weekend coming up, then four more days of school, and Miss Bella will be at loose ends for a while.  Undecided Undecided Undecided
I guess we'll muddle through.

Gonna go see what I can imagine up for supper.


 on: Today at 05:15:11 pm 
Started by Tascosa Joe - Last post by Cash Creek
Got the new shower curtains up, fire wood cut and stacked, painted the picnic tables,

 got two new targets and stands fix up, it’s all coming together.. got to get back to the club

 more work to do. so see you all soon..  Grin


 on: Today at 04:57:15 pm 
Started by LonesomePigeon - Last post by Capt. John Fitzgerald
And here is another thought…  What in the world makes everyone here think that this is a USPFA/USFA gun?  No mention of either USPFA or USFA in the description and, to the best of my knowledge, USPFA/USFA never imported/manufactured/produced/released a firearm bearing the Colt name on the barrel address line (hopefully Gary Granger will join in here and either refute or confirm this).
This is the second time one of these "Colt marked USFA" guns has come to our attention here.  Best explanation I recall is that it might, repeat might, be a gun that was made up of parts sold by USFA to a third party after they abandoned their cap and ball series of firearms.  The only indication that it might be from USFA being the quality of the CCH.  
All of the USPFA/USFA offerings were either Uberti or ASM guns that were imported in the white and then finished here.  I have one of the USFA marked 1851 Richards Mason conversions with no Italian import markings.  The quality of its fit and finish is far superior to the photographs of the 1860 Army model presented in the GunBroker ad listed above.  The gun listed also does not seem to be up to the standards of the "2nd generation Colt Black Powder Series," nor that of the "3rd generation Colt Signature Series" revolvers (and I own examples of both).
So what is it?  To my mind is certainly isn't a USPFA/USFA gun and, as a collector of same, I wouldn't touch it with a stick!

 on: Today at 04:05:16 pm 
Started by Professor Marvel - Last post by Blair
Pro Marv,

My background is very similar to yours.
Worked as a salvage diver off the coast of FL, joined the US Navy in '69.
I used my VA Benefits to go to Gunsmith and National Tool & Die Ass. school, and then worked as a hard rook miner.
Then went back to Va. to work for a very good friend of mine. Pay was not bad, just very spuratic.

I worked as a CW Sutler building CW firearms for the N-SSA and for Re enactors.
Went to a historic site in Savannha, GA. where I built a gun carrage  for an original 32# gun barrel.
From there I found an opening in the Blacksmith shop at Colonial Williamsburg. (Loved the work, but the pay was not so good.)
Then found out about an opening a Jamestown Settlement Park for a Blacksmith.
I helped set up the Blacksmith program, and it is still in use to this day. (for all that I know)

In 1993 I moved back to FL. to take care of my Parents. Mom passed in 1994.
I joined NCOW early in 1994, When Dad passed in 2004, I went back to building custom and customized CW firearms.
I retired in 2011, and have been happy ever after.
My best,

 on: Today at 04:04:57 pm 
Started by chuckerbird - Last post by mehavey
I guarantee it:

...any number of extended sight stem configs.

 on: Today at 03:52:20 pm 
Started by BlackHillsScout - Last post by Tsalagidave
They have a couple of good pattern books in the gift shop.  Don't go home empty-handed.


 on: Today at 03:43:57 pm 
Started by Cash Creek - Last post by Cash Creek
I knew we could count on you  Grin


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