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 on: Today at 01:04:41 pm 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Doc Jackson
Do you know where I could access copies of ordnance returns ? Specifically for the 2nd battalion, 18th infantry for 1866 and companies G and H of the 9th infantry from 74' - 76'.

 on: Today at 11:55:31 am 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Pitspitr
I presume that the change in your pocket is era correct coinage as well .... :>)
Good idea! thanks

I never carried money but I should have thought of that.

 on: Today at 11:18:04 am 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by PJ Hardtack
I presume that the change in your pocket is era correct coinage as well .... :>)

 on: Today at 10:34:36 am 
Started by RRio - Last post by Jake C
I wonder if the 7th Cav revolvers from Cimarron still have the old style hammers. Christmas is coming!

I emailed someone from Cimarron back in April or May (I can't recall who answered me I'm afraid). I was told that every Uberti SAA repro/clone/what-have-you was going to have the new hammer, including the Old Model frame guns. Unfortunately, I'm assuming the 7th Cavalry revolver, the Scout revolver, and the U.S.V Artillery revolver will be included.

If anyone knows any differently, please correct me. I'd like to be wrong about this.

 on: Today at 09:56:01 am 
Started by RRio - Last post by treebeard
I wonder if the 7th Cav revolvers from Cimarron still have the old style hammers. Christmas is coming!

 on: Today at 09:42:47 am 
Started by treebeard - Last post by treebeard
Thanks Crow Choker for your input. I should have time today to disassemble the 1851 and look at the bolt etc.. I have several decades shooting Remington types in NSSA regional shoots. With the Rems I have not had to deal with these problems so I am going to be in a learning curve.

 on: Today at 09:32:49 am 
Started by Pitspitr - Last post by Pitspitr
The Items I use and sources are listed below. This has been a nearly 20 year journey so I may not be correct on some of the sources. If you check out the Clothing and Equipment thread (,33884.0.html) it will have most of the address' for the vendors (some are out of business) All of my equipment has held up pretty well. I've had the shoes resoled and the damned uniform seems to have shrunk while hanging in the closet  Angry Wink but other than that most of the repro's are going on nearly 20 years and are still going strong.

Not sure what the status of A of the 23rd was in regard to testing. All I know for certain was that they tested the trowel bayonet in 1876 and did not recommend it.

 Forage Cap -Pattern 1872 (Greg Starbuck)
Forage Cap Insignia- M1875 crossed rifles with 1/2 letter in upper angle and 1/2 in. number in lower (S&S)
Campaign Hat- M1872 (Tom Langham)
Fatigue Blouse -Pattern 1874 Pattern by Connie Lindmier (Locally made by Joyce Gabriel)
M-1872 Chevrons & leg Stripe (made for me by Mike Schweitzer's mother )
Shirt -Pattern 1874, grey flannel(Nicholas Sekela Historical Clothiers)
Trousers -Pattern 1861, Foot Pattern by Past Patterns (Locally made by Joyce Gabriel)
Drawers -CW Pattern, Canton flannel(CD Jarnagin)
Socks  -Grey wool, plain tops (local source)
Shoes -M1876 (MO Boot and Shoe) M1872 Mounted Boot (MO Boot and Shoe)
Overcoat -Modified CW Foot (Locally made by Joyce Gabriel)
Dress Coat.- Pattern 1872 Pattern by Connie Lindmier(Locally made by Joyce Gabriel)
Suspenders- Civilian pattern blue ticking. I don’t remember the source
CW issue Rubber Blanket- (CD Jarnagin)
Waist Belt and Plate -M1874 (Buckle by I.C.Mercantile I made the leather)
 Cartridge Box -M1874 "McKeever" (my own make)
Cartridge Belt- soldier-made leather belt, (my own make) M1876 (Tom Wilder)
 Haversack- M1874 (Tom Wilder)
Canteen- M1858, smoothside from CD Jarnagin with M1874, Type I conversion kit from I.C.Mercantile, I assembled
Meat Can- M1872 What Price Glory  M1874 Type II (original)E-bay
 Knife -M1874 (original) Hayes Otoupalik
 Fork- M1874 (original) S&S
Spoon - M1874 (original) Hayes Otoupalik
Cup- M1874, with "U.S." embossed on handle (CD Jarnagin)
Shelter Half -M1862 (Rademacher)
Blanket- M1873 (Barron Woolen)
Knapsack- M1874 Clothing Bag (Wilder)
Rifle-Pedersoli Long Range Model Modified with original 1873 Sights
Rifle Implements – Original Pin Punch, Screwdriver, main spring vice, front sight cover (S&S, Gunshows, Dixie)
Rifle Sling- M1870 conversion (Tom Wilder)
Bayonet- M1873 (original)
Bayonet Scabbard -M1874 (original scabbard I made the frog)
Entrenching Tool -Trowel Bayonet (Dixie, I think )

 on: Today at 09:16:20 am 
Started by Major E A Sterner - Last post by litl rooster
Delmonico’s theme song

 on: Today at 08:14:19 am 
Started by RRio - Last post by Cholla Hill Tirador
  I must say the retracting firing pin (RFP) is something of a boon for Uberti. Now for every revolver they sell with a RFP, they're very likely to sell a trigger and hammer so it can be converted back!


 on: Today at 07:58:23 am 
Started by RRio - Last post by Jake C
I mean, there's a positive to this new safety - it cut my gun buying habit down by a lot. My wife is pretty happy about it.

I just really wish they had left the 'Old Model' revolvers alone, give people an option. I'll need to grab my .44-40 1875 Outlaw (not calling it a repro Remington out of respect for Coffinmaker's dislike of the term) before they start messing with that hammer as well.

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