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Title: Help with pattern
Post by: Holsterguy on December 27, 2017, 06:24:28 am
Howdy guys
Been searching the web for a couple weeks trying to find a pattern fo a civil war holster. Came across an old thread here from davemyrick answered a lot of questions. He made an offer to get hold of him and he would send anyone wanting a pattern.
Well, tried to send him an email, no one at that address. Tried boothillbob, who he was talking to, websites down.
Did anyone get one of those patterns that would share?

Title: Re: Help with pattern
Post by: Johnny Dingus on January 03, 2018, 01:00:47 pm
I don't know if this will help you at all but after looking this is all I have.

Johnny Dingus

Title: Re: Help with pattern
Post by: Holsterguy on January 04, 2018, 05:29:26 am
Thanks Johnny, but that looks like the same one I have (Simmons). Can't get SAA to fit in it. Works fine for 1860 army tho.

Title: Re: Help with pattern
Post by: Sir Charles deMouton-Black on January 04, 2018, 11:57:25 am
Tandy has/had a small book on holster making, YEEHAW! In it there is a chapter, with kindy-garden type illustrations on making patterns using THE STRAP!

Not the one Daddy had in the barn, but something like the reins used with the plow-horses. First get some pattern paper. (Target material, old file folders or large document envelopes) Draw a line down the middle or fold a line. Hold the pistol, sight line down on the line and carefully lay it down on one side and trace the outline. Then draw the leather-line about 3/4" outside that. Fold the pattern paper and copy it for the other side. An easy way to do this is with scissors, fold & clip, just like making crafts in kindy-garden. Pretty rough and ready, so based on the carpenter's rule "Measure twice - cut once", now get out THE STRAP!

A strip of leather of the same thickness as your holster material. If you are lining the holster, the strap has to take account of that. Pinch it into a loop and take the circumference of the pistol at critical points, including the 3/4s of an inch you are holding in the pinch. (Actual plus 1 1/2") use these measurements to lay out a pattern on heavy paper. OR use them to alter an existing measurement. Sometimes I make several tries before getting a pattern I think I can use. If you are new to this, make the first holster simply, without a lot of time and resourses. It might become your loaner or spare - hopefully not returned to the scrap pile!

Once you have a successful pattern - keep it on file, properly labelled. It can be altered for such things as barrel length, target sights and style of pistol. E.g; if you want to make a holster for the Old Vaquero but only have a SAA pattern, "ease" the pattern by 1/8' in all dimensions. Even a New Vaquero is just slightly larger than a SAA clone (personal experience - Vaquero is very tight in a holster made snuggly for the SAA.)