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Title: I don't rent pigs. . .
Post by: KyTexian on January 18, 2017, 03:22:20 pm
How do to everyone! 

"Wild Ben" Van Dorn, NCOWS member #3783.  Part-time cowhand, part-time saddle-tramp, full-time biped of pandemonium and frequently seen in the company of the no-good card sharp Blackjack Charlie mentioned in a prior thread. 

Took a hiatus from the hobby for about the last fifteen years while running around the high desert of the Southwest and California, and it's nice to get back!  When I originally shot, it was SASS at Hooten Old Town, KY.   After moving back from California and learning about NCOWS, I had to dig out my duds and saddle up again!  I'm a lifetime shooter and member of the Dark Side, and a dyed-in-the-wool warthog, I also produce historically-themed shooting videos and promos, when Blackjack Charlie isn't trying to bushwhack me.

Hope to meet some folks on here in March at the Convention.  I'll be the tall feller wearing a camera; don't be shy!

Dios bendiga y mantener la pólvora seca,

Wild Ben