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Author Topic: Fresh meat  (Read 1582 times)
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« on: December 08, 2017, 09:51:55 pm »

Hi all of you.
Iīm Jesper and i live in Sweden (of all places)

52 of age,family,a pack of dogs and the whole 9 yrds. Halfbreed. US dad and Danish mom,ended up in Sweden.

Have a rather..solid past as far as shooting and guns but gave it up for many years due to work. Hunting since day one,IPSC and what not. So..seing my long absence i feel itīs time to get started again. Simple as that.

As such i came to look around and found CAS. Having a past with IPSC iīm all to familiar with shooting while jumping around and..getting older and seing our insane gun laws around here CAS kind of fit the bill.

Yeah. Weīre really crippled as far as owning guns around here. In fact itīs gotten even more insane in just a few years why you donīt just need a permit for a gun anymore,handguns are limited to 5yrs. Longuns tho are still for life,permit that is,why thatīs cool still. Ie;for CAS a shotgun and repeater is still doable.
In essence that means,at least to me,that you donīt even own your handgun. Sad Itīs grown insane i tell you.

Well. All is not lost though,why i found this place looking around the net. Not only CAS and SASS but see to us any gun manufactured before 1890 is permit free as long as itīs a muzzle loader and see..the old Colts,Remmys,Spiller,Starr and what not are so.. Thatīs the route i came to take.

Bought me a gunsafe again and started looking Gunbroker over. That resulted,thus far,in...

That one,which i consider a restorable Remmy at least. As a practical man i own a lathe and bridgeport both so,no harm no foul. It is "injured" though. No biggies but itīll take a little work.

That in turn resulted in...

A stocker that someone had take a bath in the chrome tank  Grin. For better for worse i guess. Now,have in mind that to be legal to me it NEEDS to have been made before 1890 and indeed this is a stocker. Blackpowder it is...

Yeah well. Why stop there right?

Uhu. A double action Starr. Maybe not the most fitting gun for CAS but whatever... Itīll still be fun to shoot given the once over.
That said iīm on the lookout for even more 1858s as well as Starrīs. In case of a Starr though the next oneīll be a single action one with the 8" barrel.

// Jesper

American Plainsmen Society
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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 07:01:41 am »

Welcome to CAS. For reference material also try "The Open Range".

WARTHOG, Dirty Rat #600, BOLD #1056, CGCS,GCSAA, NMLRA, NRA, AF&AM, CBBRC.  If all that cowboy has ever seen is a stockdam, he ain't gonna believe ya when ya tell him about whales.
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« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2017, 12:58:06 pm »

Welcome to CAS City.


NCOWS 2329, WartHog, SCORRS, SBSS, BHR, GAF, RBCS, Dirty RATS, BTBM, IPSAC, Cosie-in-training

I love the smell of Black Powder in the morning!
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