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Author Topic: New member looking at living history education  (Read 637 times)
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« on: April 22, 2016, 09:40:34 am »

Hello and thank you for allowing me to join the boards!

My name is Jason. I have been a reenactor since 1994 and Im moving over to an 1880s impression. So I am attempting to learn as much historic fact as I can about the US between 1870 and 1899. I have found some very good broad-spectrum information, have been learning about famous personalities.  But I am having trouble getting the little details.

I need to look historically accurate too and thats proving to be a challenge. There are some nice companies offering clothing; but it all seems very generic and off-the-rack. I make my own and Im scouring the internet getting tin types and the like to get options of what to make.

One question thats driving me nuts: Gun rigs!!!! Did they have tooling designs or not???  The internet is practically devoid of good clear images of historic rigs Sad  And I live in Ohio, nowhere near a proper western museum.

I like the California slim jim and I like the mexican double loop. I have seen an instance of a slim jim in a mexican double loop. Looking at the development from Civil War flap-covered evolving into open-top Slim Jims and then the burgeoning style of the Mexican double loop, Im wondering if the slim jim inside a double loop is a "transition phase" style?  Did the double loop become predominant by the 1880s?

Also, a new detail I just caught onto: the hammer loop!!! I noticed some folks talking about that, from a thin strap behind the hammer holding the gun in place while riding, to a leather loop catching the hammer itself.... And then I was watching the Magnificent Seven last night and saw an abundance of those hammer loops. The main bandito had a brass hammer loop. But I mean, whats hollywood and what is history??

I make my own stuff, clothes, leather work, metal work. I began learning all of that at the age of 14. There is a very inclusive blacksmith group in my area and my father was good friends with a saddle maker who took me under his wing before he sadly passed away. Im a craftsman. And I love history.

Any help in pointing me to good resources is greatly appreciated!

Kindest regards,
Silent Joe
The Netherlands
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Lady Lis and Me

« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2016, 12:04:28 pm »

Welcome in Town, Pard. Look around and enjoy your time in here. There are a lot of guys who can help you with information.

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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2016, 03:53:29 pm »

You want to get the book:

Packing Iron: Gunleather of the Frontier West
Jul 1, 1993
by Richard C. Rattenbury and Janet Begley
Hardcover  $70.69 used & new(38 offers)

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