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Author Topic: 1905 or 1907 Winchester  (Read 11533 times)
American Plainsmen Society
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« Reply #25 on: October 06, 2017, 10:04:35 am »

Looks to me that going with the look alike 1905 would probably be the best way to go, especially if the same magazines work.  Much easier to find brass to modify, as well.

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Colt Fanning
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« Reply #26 on: October 06, 2017, 10:21:27 am »

You might consider using the 1905 in 32wsl.  The brass is easily made from 32-20 brass and is available at buffalo arms.  I have shot my
1905 with lead bullets from hunters supply successfully.  I shoot a reduced load but the bolt still whacks the receiver pretty hard.  I bought one of the repo 10 round mags and modified it for the 1905 but was only able to get it to shoot reliably with 7 rounds.  I got one of the 1907 10 round mags (351) and it shoots the 32wsls pretty reliably without modification.  There is no zoot chapters here in the dallas area but I like to shoot it at the range.
Preston C
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« Reply #27 on: October 08, 2017, 01:03:13 pm »

Any one know of a way to keep the forearm from cracking?
I've never seen one that wasn't cracked.  A friend and I once took one and did the necessary repairs, then shelled out the inside with a Dremel.  After a coat of epoxy, I laid in some fiberglass (repair stuff from an auto parts store), then basically glass-bedded the threaded portions of some drywall screws where ever I could fit them.  Then I used epoxy putty to build it back up. 

More bother than it was probably worth, but as far as I know that one hasn't cracked.  The later ones were bulkier, and less-likely to crack (looked "a little pregnant", but they didn't crack).  I've seen repros available from one of the stock companies, Macon maybe.   

I always preferred the Remington Model 8, so my thoughts on appearances may be a bit biased. 

In my book a pioneer is a man who turned all the grass upside down, strung bob-wire over the dust that was left, poisoned the water, cut down the trees, killed the Indian who owned the land and called it progress.  Charles M. Russell
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« Reply #28 on: May 14, 2018, 07:20:04 am »

Well I stumbled upon this rifle not long ago and it was priced so low I had to bring it home with me.  It is a 1905 in 32SL, it was build in 1920 according to the serial number, one of the last ones to be made.  I'll order some ammo soon and report back.  Smiley

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