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Author Topic: 2013 GAF Illinois State Muster  (Read 1248 times)
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« on: October 22, 2013, 02:26:22 pm »

22 October, 1876 (+137)

To: General U. S. Scout
Headquarters Grand Army of the Frontier
Near Washington City

Copies to:
Col. Jerry “Pitsptr“ Davenport
The ladies and gentlemen of the GAF at large


I have the honor to submit my report following the 2013 Illinois State Musters of the Grand Army of the Frontier. The Division of Illinois engaged  in two campaigns in the fall of 2013. With reinforcements from the Divisions of Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota, the Division of Illinois reports record numbers of troops in the field. This can be verified by the numbers of shooters in each category.

Also contributing to the success of the campaigns was the overwhelming amount of firepower we were able to bring to the battles. The first battle near Polo, IL began with an artillery barrage commanded by J. W. James of Rock Falls, IL The second campaign was highlighted by the introduction of a Gatling Gun under the command of Major G. W. Strong. A total of 660 rounds was expended during that phase of the operation.

Neither of these aspects can take away the marksmanship of our individual troopers during the campaign. The following are the results for both campaigns:

Results of 2013 GAF-IL Muster
31 August 2013

MilSpec Repeater
First:       Bill Mayes AKA Charles Goodnight GAF #815
Second:    Doug Strong AKA Major G.W. Strong GAF# 774
Third:      Al Johnson AKA Head Honcho GAF #803

First:       Charles Strong AKA Moose Wrangler GAF# 787

Staff Officer
First:       Larry Lisle AKA Cane Masterson GAF# 806
Second:    Brian Bauer AKA Dusty Tagalon GAF# 74

First:      Pat Gannon AKA Lt. Col. Shamrock Gannon GAF# 447

Buffalo Scout
First:       Paul Gritmacker AKA Big Grit GAF# 701

First:       James W. Sharp AKA J.W. James
Second:   Joe Tappainer AKA Carroll County Kid
Third:      Don Long AKA Msgt. S. H. Long GAF# 700

Results of 2013 GAF-IL Muster
29 September 2013
Mil Spec Repeater

1st        Bill Mayes “Charles Goodnight” GAF #815
2nd       Brian Bauer “Dusty Tagalon” GAF #74
3rd        Doug Strong “Major G.W. Strong” GAF#774

Cadet & Mil Spec Repeater

1st        Charles Strong “Moose Wrangler” GAF#787

Mil Spec Single Shot

1st       Jim Zinkel “I.M/ Portly” GAF #794

Buffalo Scout

1st       George Irick “J.B. Hume”


1st       Pat Gannon “LtC. Shamrock Gannon” GAF#448

Staff Officer

1st       Larry Lisle “Cane Masterson”  GAF# 806


1st        Rob Arntzen “T.K. Sackett” GAF#622
2nd       Kevin Goebel “Snidely Whiplash”
3rd        Adam Heinzeroth “Orrin Sackett” GAF # 813
4th        David Punzel  “Ninety-Seven” GAF # 812
5th       Don Long “Sgt Major S.H. Long” GAF#700
6th       Mike Cummings “Whiskey River Mike” GAF # 814
7th       John Clint “Johnny Popper” GAF#801
8th       Chris Gannon “Kalispell  Kid” GAF # 809
9th       Sean Cummings “Marshal Cummings” GAF # 810
10th       John Cavanaugh “Doc Piper” GAF # 811
11th       Keith Leoni  “Sierra Leoni” GAF#795
It should also be noted that we recruited eight new troops during the campaign. Five members of the division are currently planning to attend the 2014 Grand Muster in Nebraska and are looking forward to hosting the 2015 Grand Muster.


Lt. Col. Pat "Shamrock" Gannon GAF# 447
Commanding, Division of Illinois

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