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Author Topic: Greatings from San Mateo, CA!  (Read 515 times)
Lead Waster
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« on: September 13, 2013, 08:23:02 pm »

Hello everyone! This is my first post here. My "name" is Lead Waster. This is my forum name from CalGuns, if you are a fellow Californian.

I thought I'd introduce myself here!

The first gun I ever fired was back in 1998, it was a snub nosed .357 that my idiot friend handed me. It took me 10 years to stop flinching! I'm originally from Mississauga, Ontario (Hi there fellow Canucks!), but I'm an American now. I love both countries!

So the second I got to the US, my coworkers (and my best friend from Canada, who now lives here) took me shooting and slapped that .357 in my hands. Soon after, I picked up an Enfield and a Glock 21.

Then I didn't shoot for like a decade, and recently, got back into the sport.

I mentioned to a coworker that I'd like to get a .22 so I could practice my shooting skills, to which she replied "Really? Why? What's the point? You can't shoot except at a range and it's just shooting paper targets, right?" Uh...hmmm. Good point, then another coworker, as it turns out, was a raving USPSA nut. He got me into that sport and "competitive shooting" in general. Well now, there's a good reason to have some guns and shoot better!

So now I've been looking at CAS, and it looks like a heck of a lot of fun!

Startup costs seemed high, but heck, all told, it's probably cheaper than one highly customized 1911 or a single USPSA match race gun, right!?

So I told my wife I was going to try this out, she gave me the requisite evil eye, but then said "OK, let me check our schedule to see when you can go" and we're off to the races!

I picked up a Rossi 92, and since the shop also had a hammered double barrel (Chinese made) shotgun, I picked that up too. In California, every firearm you buy requires that you give the state $25 so they can run a background check on you, but buying both long guns at the same time, I save one $25 fee. Not much, but I hate paying it.

I ordered a pair of new vaqueros, which, due to California being a nanny state, will take me over 40 days to get the pair (buy one, start paperwork, wait 10 days to get it, but also start waiting 30 days before I'm "allowed" to buy another handgun, then buy that one, start the paperwork and wait another 10 days)!

So, it's hard and pricey to be a Cowboy in California!

I got the hat yesterday, and under my desk, is a box with a pair of "roper" boots...

So man, I'm committed, I certainly hope this sport is as fun as it looks to be!

I'll be lurking on this forum now to pick up tips and tricks!

Thanks for reading, and hi!

Lead Waster (not my alias yet)
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Cas City Forum Hall & CAS-L  |  Cas City  |  Greetings!  |  Topic: Greatings from San Mateo, CA! « previous next »
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