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Author Topic: Goex Load data  (Read 7427 times)
Cuts Crooked
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« on: April 08, 2010, 02:51:09 am »

The good folks at GOEX have provided an online source of Load data for their powders.

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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 05:30:34 am »

Thank ya much for postin' pard.  I just bought two 1858 Remingtons with 8" barrels and blued about a week ago from EMF.  I been redin' so much about the fun of shootin on the darkside I had to try it.  Last Monday was the first shot I put through the  barrel and WOW!  I started out with GEOX and the 15 grains the Pietta manuel recommended and it shot great for me.  Then I thought I was gettin' a little crazy with 21 grains but it performed great again!  Well, the GOEX manual starts at 25 grains and I have no doubt that the pistol could handle the 40 grains listed either but I think I'll slowly and work my way up.  After a little more sortin' out, I wanna start shootin my matchs with 'em and perhaps even load some shot shell cartridges, YAH HOO! Grin 

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Cliff Fendley
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« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2012, 06:32:50 pm »

Thanks for the link.

Federalist, that sounds more like a 36 caliber load, I'm almost sure I shoot 37 grains in my 44 Pietta Remingtons. I made the spout to hold whatever the manual that came with the gun stated. They do recommend less powder if you are shooting subs.

I have put at least 40 grains under a round ball a couple times. I used 40 grain Goex 3F when I won the BP long range pistol at the NCOWS Nationals last year.

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« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2012, 07:59:17 am »

The good folks at GOEX have provided an online source of Load data for their powders.
Cuts - the loading data on the Goex website was not developed by Goex based on their powders! Might want to read these communications.  Who was the author of the data?  I'm still of the opinion it was only Curtis's and Harvey.  

Re: Bill - Goex Question
Sent: Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:49 pm
by rdnck
John--Bottom line is, I don't have a clue where the data on the website came from. When I was testing early on, some of my data was at variance with posted data that Goex already had. When I pointed this out, I was told that it was no big deal, and that the posted data was intended to be a basic guide for people just getting into the sport. There was no intention that the charts be an advanced loading guide, as management realized that the advanced shooters would do their own testing and load development. I have no idea where the original data came from, as it was already posted when I started testing the powder.

As far as testing goes, what I did was to shoot each production lot in order to make sure it gave velocities within the parameters of the given granulations and that the fouling was within manageable limits. To the best of my knowledge, none of the data I generated was incorporated into the charts on the website.

I don't have any idea as to what the test protocols were at Moosic, other than I am sure Goex monitored burn rates.

Best, Bill
From: John Corney Verizon []
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 4:56 PM
To: 'Mike Daly'
Subject: RE: black powder data
Mike, thanks kindly.  Your reply clears up questions that I have had.
Might add the following:
•         In the late 1960’s, ICI bought the powder plant of Curtis’s and Harvey at Ardeer, Scotland.  ICI also sold powder from the Ardeer, Scotland plant in the US, known as Meteor during the same period.  I have full cans of all grades that are labeled, Made in Great Britain … distributed by C-I-L Ammunition Inc, Plattsburgh, NY (a Nobel subsidiary)
•         I have always had a suspicion the Hodgdon & Meteor powders were either old inventory of C&H or the same production processes and materials.  C&H moved to Ardeer from Wales because the Alder Buckthorn they grew along the river there diminished and Ardeer had an abundance of Alder Buckthorn for making their charcoal
•         About 2 years ago, a poster on the ASSRA forum posted  a 5 pound powder can of Austin Powder Co, marked Curtis & Harvey.  He sent me a sample that I wanted to test against my Meteor powder.  I did: density – sieve ratios (determined it was FFg) – chronograph, bore foul and oven dried foul tests.  The Austin and Meteor were almost exact matches.  My suspicion was confirmed … Meteor was in fact C&H powder
Additionally,  the load data furnished by Nobel, I believe Nobel obtained their data from Curtis’s and Harvey.  I have a C&H shotshell loading data catalog and the loads per the catalog and on the Goex site are almost identical.  In addition, many of the European firearms - calibers pre-existed Nobel’s involvement in the gunpowder industry
Mike, again … Thanks for your responses.  There are a few of us BPCR shooters, in addition to how a load groups … am interested of ‘What’s In the Can’
John Corney
From: Mike Daly []
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 10:59 AM
Subject: black powder data
The data presented by OEX comes from 4 sources.:
1)      Hodgdon Black Powder was made by ICI Nobel in Scotland.  They furnished most of the data.  Their results were gathered by firing actual firearms and collecting the data as they went.  
2)      A man named Bagwell developed some of the data (during the ownership period of the group of investors Hodgdon purchased GOEX from) as he was a contractor with GOEX in a limited manner to do some data observations and , as I understand it, to try out new formulations and granulations.  
3)      Some of the data was generated by our people here.
4)      Some of the data is his material previously developed by GOEX and the previous ownerships such as when the company was called Gerhart-Owens Explosives.
Hodgdon Powder Company had ICL of Scotland build black powder under the Hodgdon name from 1973 to 1976 when the plant was closed by the UK government/ICI Nobel.
Mike Daly
Customer Service Manager
Hodgdon Family of Fine Propellants
Hodgdon Smokeless Powder
IMR Powder Company
Winchester Smokeless Propellants
GOEX Blackpowder

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