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Return to the Old West

Reporter News, Abilene, TX. Text and Photos: Greg Kendall-Ball: “Texas Slim” is the alias of Ronnie Yeats, the president of the Butterfield Trail Regulators, a local cowboy action shooting club sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Members of SASS participate in Old West shooting competitions and are expected to dress and act the […]

Buffalo/Long Range Rifle Match in Flint Hills,Kansas.

A Buffalo/Long Range shoot was held last year in April in the Flint Hills of KS. The organizers are ready for a repeat and this year, the dates are October 1-3, 2010.  Location is near Lebo, KS. The organizers and sponsors of this event is the Kansas Muzzleloaders Assn. & Kansas Vigilance Committee (a posse […]

Is It Sunday Already?

This being off the road is confusing me. I usually blog when I get back to my hotel room after a day on the set…I’ve got to figure out the old non-road blogging waypoints! LOL! It’ll be all too short…I glanced at my August calendar a couple of days ago, and it’s back to the […]

Loved the pocket pistol episode – here’s mine

Posted by Big T : Hello guys! Here is an old cheepo I picked up last year for not much , made stag for it and shot it a few times. I saw one out at the cowboy club a gunsmith friend of mine fixed it up like this one here. It had a 4 […]

Gunslingers aim to thrill

ELKO, NV — Tehachapi Horn stared straight ahead at the gambler across the table from him. In the blink of an eye he drew his gun and fired two shots, two direct hits to the chest at point blank range. The gambler didn’t move an inch; Hornn walked away smiling. It was one of several […]

Hell on Wheels Color Guard

Posted by Sagebrush Burns: It is an honor and a pleasure to report another successful color guard detail performed by GAF members at the SASS Hell on Wheels regional match over Independence Day week-end. Special thanks go to Wretched Excess (formerly known as Chicago Kid) and Captain Jack Storm who did most of the “on […]

Yo, July!

Amazingly, there’s no snow left on the property surrounding the Secret Hidden Bunker in the Rocky Mountains! Ah…this must be what they call summer…I wonder how long it will last? Had a great weekend…my Sweetie and I shot the cowboy action shooting regional, Hell On Wheels, up in cowboy world in Cheyenne. It’s always a […]

Guns, games and history

outdoortimes.com: Cowboy Action Shooting provides a wonderful example of a great family activity, living American history, and a great deal of fun. As a child of television in the ‘50s, I can honestly admit there are a lot of us around with a little bit of cowboy in them. Plenty of women play the game […]

Catch USFA® on TV

How is an Old West Single Action made? The USFA Single Action will be featured in an episode of “How Do They Do It?” that airs later this month on the Science Channel. Spokesman and President of USFA®, Douglas Donnelly said a film production crew spent a day in March filming at USFA’s state-of-the-art plant […]

Shooting sports taking aim

Beloit Daily News (Wisconsin) Youngsters who want to try out shooting sports will have their chance to hit the target. The Beloit Rifle Club, Green County 4-H, Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club and Beloit Izaak Walton Conservation Club will be hosting the second annual NRA Day Program Youth Sports Fest on July 10 at […]

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