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Quick Draw McCoy

Linda McCoy, a member of Shady Creek Shootists near Monmouth, Illinois set a record at the club’s 10th annual St. Jude’s Charity Shoot, which coincidentally also set a record for raising $41,500. Shady Creek Shootists is affiliated with SASS. Read more on www.macombjournal.com

Long Hunter Shooting Supply now offers the NEW Ruger SASS Vaquero

HARTLEY, TEXAS – Long Hunter Shooting Supply is now offering the New Ruger SASS Vaquero with an action job package included in the price. This new model is officially developed with SASS® for cowboy-action shooters,  this consecutive serial number,  two-gun set boasts a “SASS” prefix and all the features and modifications you want in America’s […]

Aiming for fun

Bullets clanked against metal and ammunition shells flew everywhere. Cowboys and cowgirls scurried from one Western facade to another in attempt to hit their next targets without wasting any time. Thirty men and women transformed into Western characters on Saturday morning, armed with their cowboy hats, pistols, rifles and shotguns. It’s called Cowboy Action Shooting, […]

Long Hunter adding Silver Stag knives to his product line

Long Hunter Shooting Supply is one of the largest dealers of USFA single action revolvers. Owner Jim Finch aka Long Hunter is also a well known and respected gunsmith among cowboy action shooters. His “From Box to Holster” guns have become a high priority for many of the shooters out there. In addition to cowboy […]

Club members shoot the cowboy way

At least once a month, the Rev. C.S. Oosterveen puts on his holster, heads west to Plymouth Township and becomes a cowboy known as the Rev. Missalot, for about four hours. “I come here for the camaraderie and to have a good time,” said Oosterveen, a Roseville resident. Taking part in the Cowboy Action Shooting […]

Wild West action returns to Boomtown

In the old Wild West days, the jingle of spurs, the twitching hand ready to draw, and the sound of gunfire would normally send the townsfolk running for cover; but not in Boomtown, the Cowboy Action Range at the Courtenay and District Fish & Game Protective Association. Visitors can take in the constantly changing frontier […]

Best young shots in the U.S. live here

Three weeks ago at the End of Trail Competition in New México, 16-year-old Derek and 13-year-old Gini won the World Championship in their respective categories. Ten-year-old Brad Beirne, or Throwdown Kid as he’s referred to at shootouts, also won sixth place, and Nick McLean, or Madman McLean, won fifth place. Read the article in North […]

Winchester Repeating Arms Announces 1892 Takedown Rifle

Morgan, Utah – Where were you in 1932? That’s how long it has been since Winchester Repeating Arms produced the Model 1892 in a takedown version. In 1884, John M. Browning was granted a patent for what would be known as the 1892 lever action rifle. Taking the 1886 design and scaling it down to […]

New replacement Mainspring system for the Winchester 1873

TK4B Enterprises, makers of “SliXprings*” and “SliXpins”, is coming out with a  replacement Mainspring system called “SliXpring-Main” that is designed to complement an already properly tuned and short stroked Winchester style 1873 rifle or carbine. Its sole purpose is to provide a faster lock time (faster, more positive hammer travel), a more dependable primer strike […]

NCOWS Match at Goddard Territorial Justice Committee LLC Range this week

Phoenix Irregular Guard will be having a shoot at the Goddard Territorial Justice Committee, LLC range at Colfax, Iowa this Sunday, July 19th.  The shooters meeting is at 9:30 a.m. with the fun starting shortly after. This match will be held in a GAF format as a warm up for the Iowa Muster in September. […]

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