Wild Bunch Wrap Up

First off, congrats to SG & COWBOYS regular Evil Roy — the irrepressible Gene Pearcey — for taking High Modern (and High Overall) at the 2nd SASS Wild Bunch championships at Founder Ranch, NM. He was joined by Fast Hammer as High Traditional and at 4th overall Holy Terror — Glock shooter Randi Rogers — […]

Fast Hammer and Evil Roy winners of the EOT Wild Bunch Match

With a 1911, a lever action rifle and a pump action shotgun, 61 shooters went through 12 stages during the first 2 days of End of Trail in Edgewood, New Mexico. This new side match in cowboy action shooting is growing fast and compared to last year’s EOT, attendance was doubled. There are 2 categories […]

Me & My 1911

I didn’t finish the Para Retro-Expert in time, so I defaulted to my Heinie Springfield 1911A1, which has run just fine. Today I used handloads with 230-gr LaserCast bullets and 231, just making IPSC Major. I finished the day 3 down…no excuses…pulled the trigger when the sights weren’t on the target. Sadly, I was moving […]

Ammo for End of Trail 2009

End of Trail, the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting will be held at Founder’s Ranch June 22nd through June 28th. This morning, Coyote Calhoun informs from his blog that you should pack the following in your ammo bag for for the main match. You will need : 120 Pistol Rounds 101 Rifle Rounds 52 […]

A SASS Ruger Vaquero

SASS and Ruger join forces to offer SASS members a special edition of the Ruger New Vaquero. This model has a new, wider and lower “Montado-style” hammer, which has been allowed on adjustable sighted guns like the Ruger “Blackhawk”. This hammer is now legal on all fixed sighted revolvers. The SASS model will be offered […]

China Camp Passes

Sad, sad news…my good friend Dennis Ming, who as “China Camp” became one of the best cowboy shooters in history and the sport’s first great champion, today suffered a fatal heart attack. I don’t quite know what to say…he and I shot on the same squad last month in the Wild Bunch match, and in […]


It is time to sign up for the Outlaw Trail at Founders Ranch on August 13 -17, 2008 It is a no frills match and were shootin’ 18, countem’ 18 stages on the Action Side and 6 Stage Triple points match on the mounted side. It is the Four Corners Regional So here is your […]


The 7th Annual SASS Convention and Wild West Christmas returns to the Riviera Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, December 4-7, 2008. Presented by the Single Action Shooting Society and its 80,000 members. The SASS Convention brings together all that is Old West Cowboy and is presented to showcase the products, events and related […]

Construction begins on the new SASS’ World Headquarters Building

SASS has begun construction on its new World Headquarters building in Edgewood, New Mexico. The building will comprise of approximately 6000 square feet of office space warehouse space. The building located in Edgewood, New Mexico is in Santa Fe County and lies just north of I-40 on West Frontage Road which will soon be renamed […]

Dates for END of TRAIL 2009

END of TRAIL is just barely over and everyone wants to know when it will be next year. Next year’s END of TRAIL will end on the fourth Sunday as it has the past three years. The dates for registered participants and guests will be June 19–28, 2009. The dates for the public will be […]

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