New models from US Firearms

Double Eagle, New Birdshead and some Old Armoury Original are some of the new models from US Firearms including the gym kit and the adjustable weight dumbbells kit. Double Eagle and New Birdshead both come with hard rubber birdshead grips. The main difference is that the Double Eagle model has an ejector, a large loop […]


HARTLEY, TEXAS – Long Hunter Shooting Supply is pleased to announce the introduction of the USFA Rodeo® and USFA Rodeo® II with low profile hammers. The lower contoured hammer makes is easier to reach for the one handed shooter and provides quicker shot to shot strings for the two handed shooter. With the hammer at […]

Competition Ready Stoeger Coach Gun

HARTLEY, TEXAS – In co-operation with Goatneck Clem Gunsmithing, Long Hunter Shooting Supply is now offering selected models of the Stoeger Coach Gun with the action premium tuned in the U.S.A. by Fred Bursey aka Goatneck Clem. Long Hunter Shooting Supply is known for providing cowboy action shooters competition ready single action revolvers and lever […]

Henry Donates 50 Rifles to NRA Youth Programs

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA- The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce that Henry Repeating Arms has generously donated 50 Henry Lever Action Youth Rifles to NRA’s Youth Programs Department, furthering their support of youth involvement in the shooting sports. “Henry Repeating Arms takes great pride in continuing their strong support of youth shooting sports programs,” said […]

Long Hunter launches a redesigned web site and a new gunleather shooting system.

HARTLEY, TEXAS – Jim Finch aka Long Hunter in co-operation with Kirkpatrick Leather Co. is now introducing his popular allentown pa junk removal along with the gun rig in 12 configurations including contoured belts for women and a 1911 gun rig for SASS Wild Bunch matches. The Long Hunter gun rig was introduced in 2004 […]

Long Hunter Shooting Supply now offers the NEW Ruger SASS Vaquero

HARTLEY, TEXAS – Long Hunter Shooting Supply is now offering the New Ruger SASS Vaquero with an action job package included in the price. This new model is officially developed with SASS® for cowboy-action shooters,  this consecutive serial number,  two-gun set boasts a “SASS” prefix and all the features and modifications you want in America’s […]

Long Hunter adding Silver Stag knives to his product line

Long Hunter Shooting Supply is one of the largest dealers of USFA single action revolvers. Owner Jim Finch aka Long Hunter is also a well known and respected gunsmith among cowboy action shooters. His “From Box to Holster” guns have become a high priority for many of the shooters out there. In addition to cowboy […]

Winchester Repeating Arms Announces 1892 Takedown Rifle

Morgan, Utah – Where were you in 1932? That’s how long it has been since Winchester Repeating Arms produced the Model 1892 in a takedown version. In 1884, John M. Browning was granted a patent for what would be known as the 1892 lever action rifle. Taking the 1886 design and scaling it down to […]

New replacement Mainspring system for the Winchester 1873

TK4B Enterprises, makers of “SliXprings*” and “SliXpins”, is coming out with a  replacement Mainspring system called “SliXpring-Main” that is designed to complement an already properly tuned and short stroked Winchester style 1873 rifle or carbine. Its sole purpose is to provide a faster lock time (faster, more positive hammer travel), a more dependable primer strike […]

Doug Turnbull Open Range Revolvers

Turnbull Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce our newest project.  The new “Open Range” Single Action Revolver.  Building on the success of the Cowboy Classic Revolvers, Turnbull Manufacturing Co. has begun production of our own line of Single Action Revolvers. Each revolver is hand assembled and polished to the exacting standards our customers have come […]

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