Loved the pocket pistol episode – here’s mine


Posted by Big T : Hello guys! Here is an old cheepo I picked up last year for not much , made stag for it and shot it a few times. I saw one out at the cowboy club a gunsmith friend of mine fixed it up like this one here. It had a 4 […]

Hell on Wheels Color Guard

Front row left to right;  Wretched Excess, Sagebrush Burns, Captain Jack Storm, Bat Masterson;  Back row left to right; Joe Dirt, Specialist Tucker Gosbee, Sergeant Wayne Jones, Black Jack Flagg.

Posted by Sagebrush Burns: It is an honor and a pleasure to report another successful color guard detail performed by GAF members at the SASS Hell on Wheels regional match over Independence Day week-end. Special thanks go to Wretched Excess (formerly known as Chicago Kid) and Captain Jack Storm who did most of the “on […]

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