Back in the game….

Some times it takes a good friend to realize that there is always time for something extra to do. Like writing a blog or a column… I fought it at first by trying to convince this friend how much time I spend maintaining two web sites and a section of a third one coming up […]

The Fall CAS match hosted by The Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association

The Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association (CTAGA) in Wichita, KS, is hosting their fall CAS match on September 19-20, 2009. Besides the regular member-only matches, a number of open or invitational matches and other special events are held at their range in Benton.  Every spring and fall, they have their open CAS matches. The fall […]

Gone to Texas – 2009 NCOWS Regional in November

The Texas Ten Horns will be hosting the 2009 NCOWS Southwestern Regional Match “Gone to Texas” on November 12, 13, & 14. This will be the first major NCOWS event in the State of Texas.  We are planning fun side matches and a long distance shoot on Thursday, then a 2 day, 10 stage main […]

New replacement Mainspring system for the Winchester 1873

TK4B Enterprises, makers of “SliXprings*” and “SliXpins”, is coming out with a  replacement Mainspring system called “SliXpring-Main” that is designed to complement an already properly tuned and short stroked Winchester style 1873 rifle or carbine. Its sole purpose is to provide a faster lock time (faster, more positive hammer travel), a more dependable primer strike […]

Rerun – The Wild Bunch Match on Shooting Gallery

Host Wolf Bane and his crew visited the Wild Bunch Match at End of Trail back in June 2008. On July 8, 2009, we can see the result on Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. This is a rerun. You will meet Captain Baylor, Tex and Evil Roy and learn more about this new type […]

Joe Bowman 1925 – 2009

Marksman Joe Bowman “The Straight Shooter,” has died. He was 84. Bowman died Monday in his sleep at a hotel during a trip back to Houston from a series of exhibitions and was in good health overall, his wife Betty Reid-Bowman told the Houston Chronicle. Joe Bowman was a Tennessee-born bootmaker turned shooting expert who […]

Cowboy Action Radio #14 – Wolf Bane’s Wild Bunch Challenge

Both Marshal H. and Wolf Bane are getting back into competition. Here’s Wolf Bane’s experience after the first day of the EOT Wild Bunch match at Founder’s Ranch in New Mexico.

Wild Bunch Match at EOT 2009

End of Trail  has started and shooters are rolling in to Founders Ranch outside of Albuquerque, NM. Warm-up matches was on the program on this first day. This AM, three posses started shooting the Wild Bunch Match – six stages today and the remaining six tomorrow.  I see the same big smiles in these type […]

Gangster Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting covers the time period from around 1850 to the turn of the century. The fast growing Wild Bunch Match in SASS covers the early part of the 20th century and for those sports shooters with a fancy for the “Roaring Twenties”, you now have the Zoot Shooters as an option. AZSA (American […]

Posse #4 – Prince of the Pistoleers 2009

Man…. how great it was to get back into the game! After almost 5 years doing everything related to CAS but competing, I decided to combine my work with a little doze of an annual match. Luckily for me, Prince of the Pistoleers was perfect for my busy calendar. 70+ shooters showed up for 3 […]

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