Season 7 Cowboys

Episode 79 – July 1, September 30 Jasmine Jessie Cowboys heads to Georgia to spend time with one of the greatest women shooters ever. Jasmine Jessie aka Jessica Abbate not only captured the Cowboy world, but as a member of Team Glock has won every award there is to win. Jasmine Jessie shares her secret. […]

On Gun Stories: Top Break Revolvers


How did the perfect revolver for its time end up in second place? We look at the Smith & Wesson Top Break, a classic American revolver used by Frank and Jesse James, Annie Oakley, Bill Tilghman and Buffalo Bill . Gun experts you’ll meet in this episode: Larry Potterfield, Jim Supica, Jason Schubert, Dr. Jack […]

The Ruger SR1911 (Video)


It is finally here and it is now official. Rumors have been roaming around for years that Ruger is making a 1911. These rumors started way back even before Ruger considered making one. Back in November 2009, the first discussions started among the engineers. Through extensive work and planning including 1000s of interviews through the […]

Rossi Ranch Hand


Funny how certain episodes of Shooting Gallery, Best Defense or Cowboys trigger unexpected reactions. We are for the most part prepared for viewer reactions and questions in terms of product info and product applications. We also do our best to link up products used in each episode here on DRTV as a service to our […]

Spring Cleaning


It’s that time again…. when all this newfangled stuff on the Internet forces me to spend some days with codes, themes and other programming adventures. We just finished an upgrade on the server, making sure the machinery is up for some changes. This time, we are doing some changes on the main section to implement […]

Historical Winchester® Model 1886 Short Rifle Now Available From Winchester Repeating Arms


The strong and reliable action of the Winchester    ® Model 1886 rifle was designed for the then new 45-70 Government cartridge, developed by the U.S. Government in 1873.    In an ongoing effort to reintroduce various historical models of the venerable 1886, Winchester Repeating Arms proudly announces the Short Rifle model as a limited production run […]

MidwayUSA Releases Master Catalog #34

Click on picture to order the catalog...

Columbia, MO – MidwayUSA, a catalog and Internet retailer offering Just About Everything℠ for Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing and Hunting, is pleased to announce the release of Master Catalog #34.  MidwayUSA really does have JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING: including: More than 27,000 Products for Shooters More than 24,000 Products for Reloaders More than 33,000 Products for Gunsmiths […]

New SASS Home Page


SASS unveils new Web Home Page Today. In an effort to improve their on line experience SASS has been currently overhauling their web network. The New Home Page is the latest addition which now includes redesign of the END of TRAIL Pages, SASS Convention Pages and more recently the redesign of the Clubs and Annual […]



But, “my gosh,” where did this year go? It seems like just yesterday I was at END of TRAIL, and now the SASS Convention has come and gone. I guess the old adage is right—“Time flies when you’re having fun,” and going to SASS Championships is all about having fun. The SASS International Shooting Program […]

Shooting Gallery: Wild Bunch and the 1911


What could be more fun than shooting John Browning’s classic 1911 .45ACP pistol. The old war horse bucks and roars in your hand and you’re right there in the middle of Sam Peckinpah’s Wild Bunch, one of the greatest westerns ever made. We are at the World Championship of Wild Bunch Shooting outside of Albuquerque, […]

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