SASS Kansas State Championship Day 3


Take a moment and let your mind take you back to those carefree days of your youth. You have traded your Fanner 50 with a real Colt and real ammunition. The theme for the 2011  SASS Kansas State State Championship is TV Westerns with 10 stages and scenes from shows like Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will […]

SASS Kansas State Championship Day 2


Day 2 at the SASS Kansas State Championship is all Main Match. The first five of the ten stages are lined up and ready for the shooters. When the first shooters hear the timer go off, the old west town in Lenexa, Kansas, turns into Abilene or Dodge City during the heydays of the cattle […]

SASS Kansas State Championship Day 1


Powder Creek Cowboys in Lenexa, Kansas, is hosting the SASS Kansas State Championship on June 10-12, 2011. Cowboys Online is there bringing you daily reports from the match. This match is also their annual Prince of the Pistoleer match. First day was a warm up day for the 120 shooters who come Kansas, neighboring states […]

COWBOYS “In Hiatus”

Marshal H. has a long history of pulling rabbits out of hats... there's always hope....

My friends… I have been informed by the Powers-That-Be that COWBOYS will be “in hiatus” for 2011; that is, no more new episodes of COWBOYS will be filmed, although the show will continue in reruns. I have also been told by Outdoor Channel execs that the show “may” return in 2012 if there is “sufficient […]

On Cowboys: The Winchester Model 1866


In this episode of Cowboys, it is all about the Yellow Boy, the Winchester Model 1866. We cover some of the history and we look at the rifle from a cowboy action shooter’s perspective. Airtimes: On Outdoor Channel, Wednesday 12-01-10 at 7:00PM and 11:30PM, Thursday 12-02-10 at 1:30AM, all times Eastern. Airtimes: On Outdoor Channel, […]

On Cowboys: Wild Bill Hickok


Since his dramatic death in August 1876, James Butler Hickok with his pair of 1851 Navy Colts has captivated our imagination of this mythic gunfighter. In this episode of Cowboys, we explore the saga of Wild Bill and about a gunfight that is the mother of all classic walk down gunfights portrayed by Hollywood in […]

On Cowboys: Buffalo Bill Cody


William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917) was an American soldier, bison hunter and showman. He was born in Iowa and became one of the most colorful figures of the American Old West, and mostly famous for the shows he organized with cowboy themes. Airtimes: On Outdoor Channel, Wednesday 11-03-10 […]

On Cowboys: The Smith & Wesson Top-Break Revolver


The competition to build a better cartridge revolver resulted in more than the gun that won the west – the Colt Single Action Army. Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson did their part in making firearms history with the creation of the top-break revolver, originally known as the Model No. 3, a six-shot revolver in […]

On Cowboys: The .45 Colt Cartridge


This week, it’s all about the .45 Colt cartridge. Most cowboy action shooters compete with guns in a smaller caliber, but Tex Fiddler keeps the tradition alive using the legendary round. We will also learn about a gentleman agreement between Colt Firearms and Winchester. Airtimes: On Outdoor Channel, Wednesday 10-20-10 at 7:00PM and 11:30PM, Thursday […]

On Cowboys: Long Range Rifles


In the Old West, the difference between going hungry and a hot meal, was a person’s shooting ability and to be able to make that long rifle shot. In this episode of Cowboys, our focus is on the big bore long range rifles. Airtimes: On Outdoor Channel, Wednesday 10-13-10 at 7:00PM and 11:30PM, Thursday 10-14-10 […]

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