Shooting Gallery: Wild Bunch and the 1911

What could be more fun than shooting John Browning’s classic 1911 .45ACP pistol. The old war horse bucks and roars in your hand and you’re right there in the middle of Sam Peckinpah’s Wild Bunch, one of the greatest westerns ever made. We are at the World Championship of Wild Bunch Shooting outside of Albuquerque, […]

Turnbull Restoration and the SASS 1911

We visit Doug Turnbull who does magic with guns. In this video, we look at the production of the SASS Wild Bunch 1911 and other restoration guns.

The Ruger SR1911 (Video)

It is finally here and it is now official. Rumors have been roaming around for years that Ruger is making a 1911. These rumors started way back even before Ruger considered making one. Back in November 2009, the first discussions started among the engineers. Through extensive work and planning including 1000s of interviews through the […]

The USFA Double Eagle

Michael Bane takes the new USFA Double Eagle in .44 Special to the shooting range. It is also a good carry gun for those who prefer to carry a single action revolver. This model is a modified Colt 1873 SAA clone with a Birdshead grip and sporting a low profile Bisley hammer. The model is […]

Cowboy Action Radio #14 – Wolf Bane’s Wild Bunch Challenge

Both Marshal H. and Wolf Bane are getting back into competition. Here’s Wolf Bane’s experience after the first day of the EOT Wild Bunch match at Founder’s Ranch in New Mexico.

Cowboy Action Radio #13 – Recruiting the younger generation

Lori Dani Dixie (SASS #1695) has a different approach on how to recruit new members to our sport and especially among the younger generation. As a daughter of Rebel (ex-Wild Bunch member) and Lady Rebel, she learned first hand how activities like the Kid’s Corral can have a major impact. In this 30 minute interview, […]

Cowboy Action Radio #12 – A Tribute to China Camp

We pay tribute to Dennis Ming aka China Camp who passed away on July 31, 2008. He was a five-time world champion and a role model for many of the shooters who joined the sport in the 1990s. With guests Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1 and Tequila, host of Cowboys. Photo Credit:

Cowboy Action Radio #11

19th centuries cartridges are brought back from the dead by Ten-X Ammunition, which is also the topic both on this week’s Cowboy Action Radio and Cowboys on the Outdoor Channel. I have a talk with Richard Pumerantz about these specialty cartridges and other services from Ten-X. And Tequila is with us again following up on […]

Cowboy Action Radio #10

Special guest this week on Cowboy Action Radio is the famous cowboy poet Baxter Black. He is also this week’s guest on Cowboys (Outdoor Channel). Baxter’s weekly show, Out There, airs on RFD-TV.   His weekly radio program, “Baxter Black on Monday,” is now heard on over 140 radio stations. In our regular segment with Tequila, […]

Cowboy Action Radio #9

On this weeks Cowboy Action Radio, you’ll hear Tequila and Judge Roy Bean talk about the history of SASS. You will also learn about The Grand Army of the Frontier and their annual match in Nebraska in October.

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